Huion Announces Two 4K Pen Displays, Kamvas Pro 16(4K) & Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K)

Huion Announces Two 4K Pen Displays, Kamvas Pro 16(4K) & Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K)

One of the leading graphics input device manufacturers, Huion announces two 4K pen displays today, Kamvas Pro 16(4k) and Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K). As the successor products of Kamvas Pro 16, these two pen displays feature a more minimalist design and an improved display resolution of 4K.

These two products surprise users with their high resolution screens. Kamvas Pro 16(4k) and Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K) boast 3840×2160 (16: 9) display resolution, meaning more than 8 million pixels are crammed into the 15.6inch screen, offering users delicate images where every tiny detail can be seen clearly. With the application of a QD LCD, Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(4K) features a wide color gamut of 145% sRGB and an optimized contrast ratio of 1200:1, which means everything the creators draw will come alive with the true-to-life color presentation. While Kamvas Pro 16(4k) with 120% sRGB color gamut and 16.7M display colors enables smooth color gradients and a natural transition between hues.

Exceptional performance and compact body

Apart from the screen, the exceptional performance and the minimalist design also make these two pen displays ideal tools for creative professionals. 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity enable the pen displays to capture every subtle change of the pressure and hence to realize lines with different saturation and widths. Digital pen PW517 that was developed based on the latest Huion PenTech3.0 ensures users stable and better drawing experience. Equipped with no press keys on the panel, these two pen displays are compact but with sufficient working area, which meet the expectation of users who pursue minimalism. Besides, the unibody design makes the products look more stylish and the al-alloyed shell helps to resist scratches.

Achieve more with the mini keydial KD100

To further facilitate the creation of users, Huion also introduces a mini keydial today, namely Huion KD100. With 18 programmable press keys and a programmable dial controller, this keydial allow users to program their most frequently used shortcuts to one press key or the dial controller for a quick access, which helps to create a more efficient work flow.

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