Soriano Motori unveils its V1-GARA "Giaguaro" EV this week: a historic brand turned into a revolution

Soriano Motori unveils its V1-GARA "Giaguaro" EV this week: a historic brand turned into a revolution

Soriano Motori, the historic motorcycling brand, on Thursday 5th November unveils the Giaguaro V1-Gara model, its state-of-the-art EV with more power, revealing that it has returned to production to stay and to revolutionize the electric sector of two-wheeled design vehicles.

The event will take place in the Studio Soriano located in Lecco, Italy where it will broadcast online worldwide, a tour of its history, the rebirth of the brand, the current situation of the market and the sector and the evolution of the new Soriano motorcycles.

"We manufacture a 100% MADE IN ITALY product, which is defined by elegance, innovation and high level of engineering in the motorcycle sector," said M.A. Soriano, Founder. SM has achieved the impossible in a context of global pandemic: to manufacture a totally innovative own product with European components and in less than 9 months.

A new driving mode with the same sensations

The Soriano Team, always betting on a zero emissions world, wants to offer riders a new driving mode where the typical sensations of a gasoline-based motorcycle are transferred to electricity. Every day more countries announce aid and subsidy programs for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles. All this information will be available soon on the official website of the brand so that customers can benefit.

The models presented are part of an exclusive limited-edition collectors' item that buyers can fully customize to their liking. In addition to choosing the color of the chassis and the brakes, they will decide the seat material. With 3 sounds, (Silent EV, Urban EV & our Sound of the Future). About 50% already pre-ordered, yet this first edition is expected to be sold out in 120 days, according to SM' estimates.

The V1-R & V1-S models got 58-kWh power, but a different design, whereas the V1-Gara with 62-kWh is everyone's fav baby. Starting price of € 25,500, € 28,500, and € 32,500, respectively. These bikes have a full five gears transmission (plus one reverse gear), along a hydraulic anti-bounce clutch for aggressive reductions in sporty driving, avoiding the lock of the rear wheel when entering corners. In addition, the peripheral brakes with which they are equipped stand out. For greater driving comfort and safety in critical situations, its sophisticated front suspension system has a central shock absorber at the height of the steering post.

With a constant speed of 75 mph and a 20-kWh battery, the motorcycles have 120 miles autonomy. However, they can reach 140 mph. The three models can be reserved on the website and users will receive them directly in a door-to-door service. The first motorcycles will begin to be received in spring 2021.

Soriano Club, an exclusive Lifestyle service for clients

M.A. Soriano has also presented The Soriano Club, an exclusive members' club for riders that will allow them to enjoy the best services and VIP events globally. All 100 buyers will get the 1st year for free for full global accessibility points as your private concierge would offer 24/7/365.

SOURCE Soriano Group & Family Office

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