Stay Safe While Driving – Car Tech And Gadgets For A Smoother, Safer Ride

Stay Safe While Driving – Car Tech And Gadgets For A Smoother, Safer Ride

In 2017, car safety devices saved thousands of lives, according to the Insurance Information Institute. With innovation driving the car safety sector, new technology and gadgets become available on a regular basis. Read on for an overview of what this means for drivers and staying safe on the road.

Seeing clearly when you drive

Many people are aware of dashcams, and if you’ve been a car accident and recorded the footage, you could use it to prove your actions. According to Lopez Law, this evidence of your movements can support you in bringing forward an auto-accident case, evidencing whether or not you can be held at fault. Camera technology isn’t just useful to back you up if the worst has already happened though – it also plays a big part in many emerging emerging car safety gadgets that can aid you in avoiding accidents in the first place.

One such example is the blind spot mirror, which replaces the traditional mirrored glass with a digital view screen that takes an information feed from externally mounted cameras on your car. Rather than viewing a reflection through the interior of your car, which can be warped and distorted, you get a real time, accurate image of other drivers and the environment outside. It's clear that this benefits drivers and allows them to travel far more safely, offering full awareness of what's going on around them.

Vision can also be enhanced in another sense, with the use of a heads-up display. This technology projects the information you’d normally find on your dash directly into your line of sight, avoiding the need to look down periodically and take your eyes off the road. In many new cars, this technology is already being incorporated, but if you’re driving an older vehicle, you can get systems which can be retrofitted to give the same effect.

Tire safety gadgets

Faulty tires are one of the top five reasons for auto accidents, so it makes sense that monitoring the condition of your car tires both before and during driving can play a vital role in avoiding collisions and costly repairs. Tire pressure monitors use technology to assess pressure levels and notify you when it’s time to top up the air. The range of different products is vast, with some systems even allowing you to check in on your car via a cellphone app.

Control your car with your voice

While we’re on the subject of phones and apps, have you considered how voice control can have an impact on driving safely? Many homes in modern times already have voice enabled gadgets and technology, and this concept is now moving over to cars. Apparatus now exists to allow you to remain truly hands free while driving (but do keep them on the wheel, at least until autonomous automobiles are a viable commercial thing), managing your navigation, music, cellphone calling, and security systems through vocal commands and gesture control, and leaving you free to fully focus on the world around you.

With leaps and bounds being made in available car technology and gadgets every year, it’s an exciting market to keep an eye on. In the meantime, it’s worth taking a look at what’s on offer for you and your car, and investing in a safer, smoother ride for the future.

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

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