Ebb Therapeutics Brings To Market A New Cutting-Edge Sleep Wearable

Ebb Therapeutics Brings To Market A New Cutting-Edge Sleep Wearable

Ebb Therapeutics® (Ebb) today announced the launch of the CoolDrift™ Versa™ (Versa™), the company's second clinically-validated sleep wearable that leverages exclusive cooling technology to target the root cause of sleeplessness: racing mind.

Ebb wearables feature PrecisionCool™ Technology, invented by Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Nofzinger, MD over 35 years of conducting brain scans and nighttime studies while serving as the Director of Sleep Neuroimaging Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Nofzinger discovered that cooling the forehead could reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex, the thinking and problem-solving area of the brain. As brain activity declines, the mind calms and the user is able to fall into a deeper, more restorative sleep. In 2019, Ebb Therapeutics brought to market the first and only solution that uses precise cooling to calm racing mind: the CoolDrift™ Luxe™ (Luxe™). 

Ebb Therapeutics Brings To Market A New Cutting-Edge Sleep Wearable

An evolution of the original Luxe, the new, portable design of the Versa is meant to be ultra-versatile to suit consumers' different lifestyle needs. It can be worn all night, before bed in other rooms of the house to unwind, or during the day to achieve a more relaxed state. The Versa is currently available at EbbSleep.com and Amazon. The scientifically-engineered Versa headband comfortably wraps around the forehead to deliver continuous cooling at a precise temperature throughout the night. A proprietary, intelligent algorithm adjusts itself to work with the body's natural temperature fluctuations, and five settings allow the user to tailor it to their needs.

"Our science is proven and I believe that, with the Versa, we can bring better sleep, naturally, to an even larger number of people," said Ebb President and CEO Eduard Röösli. "It is our absolute mission to continue to bring drug-free innovations to millions of individuals who suffer from sleeplessness."

Scientific research validating the effects of forehead cooling behind the Versa has been published in multiple peer-reviewed publications, including the journal SLEEP earlier in 2020.

SOURCE Ebb Therapeutics Inc.
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