Moshi Introduces New Wireless Charging Stand with fast charging

Moshi, purveyor of electronics and accessories, today announced a stylish wireless charging stand - Lounge Q. The new addition follows the company's ethos of creating quality products from durable materials that extend their usable life. This principle is backed by the company's industry-leading 10-year Global Warranty on all their products.

As the latest addition to Moshi's Q Collection inspired by Danish furniture design, today Moshi has announced its Lounge Q wireless charging stand. The charger's stylish design makes it the perfect complement to any minimalist desktop, workstation or nightstand. Unlike other charging stands with a fixed charging coil, Lounge Q features an adjustable-height design which means the charger will accommodate phones of any size. This makes it suitable for those using iPhone, Samsung, Google, and more.

The internals is driven by Moshi's proprietary Q-coil™ technology which includes a ferrite sheet that offers better charging speed and efficiency compared to other wireless chargers. This allows Lounge Q to wirelessly charge through cases up to 5 mm thick. The stand is Qi-certified by the Wireless Power Consortium and thanks to its extended power profile, it can fast-charge any device up to 15 W. Lounge Q is compatible with any Qi-enabled phone and supports both Apple (7.5 W) and Samsung (9 W) fast-charging (supports WPC Qi-EPP spec).

Lounge Q (USD $70) will be available on June 23rd on and from select retailers.

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