Monday Motorbikes Unveils Highly Anticipated Phoenix

Monday Motorbikes Unveils Highly Anticipated Phoenix

Monday Motorbikes, the California-based electric motorbike company focused on revolutionizing urban transportation, today unveiled the highly anticipated Phoenix, adding a third motorbike to their fleet, providing riders a cost-effective mass model with the same impressive, high-end design style of the award-winning Gen-7.

Purpose-built from the ground-up, the new fully electric cafe racer provides riders a comfortable, efficient, premium electric bike with the attractive design of the flagship Gen-7. Starting at an impressive $1,499 price point, the Phoenix combines performance, utility and comfort, creating the ultimate affordable, lightweight, urban commuter.

"To support the booming popularity of our Gen-7 and further drive our mission to redefine urban transit, we wanted to create a lightweight, premium motorbike with a price point that is accessible for all new and younger motorcycle enthusiasts," said Josh Rasmussen, Co-founder and CMO of Monday Motorbikes. "Though the motorbike is designed for anyone, it transforms into a performance machine for more experienced riders with the flick of a switch. The Phoenix is perfect for anyone wanting the look and feel of our Gen-7 but in a smaller package."

Built with advanced materials, including high-grade, lightweight aluminum for the body frame and lightweight, aluminum-forged mag wheels, the Phoenix is flexible, yet durable, creating a safe and dependable, sustainable, lightweight commuting option. Powering the Phoenix will be a 48V long-range, in-frame, removable battery that can power up to 50 miles per charge. The 500-watt Hub motor provides the power to support riders up to 250 lb, while the high-performance dual front and rear disk brakes allow for an efficient and effective stop.

Pre-orders are now available at

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