World-Class Modular Rugged Phone Pioneer Doogee Released the New Generation Modular Phone - S95 Pro

World-Class Modular Rugged Phone Pioneer Doogee Released the New Generation Modular Phone - S95 Pro

As more and more people get into the outdoor lifestyle, rugged phones are meeting the needs of outdoor people very well. A great rugged phone has a good camera, a high-quality speaker, a bigger capacity battery and a wonderful CPU.

But are those amazing functions needed all the time? Perhaps it's too much for normal days and a modular phone would be the best choice for all people. Well, here it is, the Doogee modular phone.

A modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components that can be independently upgraded or replaced in a modular design. This aims to reduce electronic waste, lower repair costs and increase user comfort.

Doogee has been a pioneer in the modular phone area for a long time. They launched a modular phone, the DOOGEE S90. Doogee has positioned the S90 as an outdoor survivalist phone with add-ons that offer potentially lifesaving functionality, such as a night-vision camera and a two-way antenna for emergency radio communication. The S90 is also waterproof.

Now here comes DOOGEE S95Pro which is an upgrade from the former and equipped with a variety of first-class features. Here are the specs.
P90, 8GB + 128GB UFS 2.0
Modular rugged - Variety of modules, waterproof, drop-proof.
48MP AI triple Sony camera, wide-angle

The modules themselves are ridiculously easy to install and connect gracefully to the phone thanks to a simple magnetic mechanism. It works really well.


Superb quality music

The 6W module packs dual 27mm speakers. And it's integrated with an independent large battery for 10 hours of playback. The latest generation of HiFi speaker module uses soft-touch material. Its economic design provides a comfortable grip feeling.

5150mAh battery capacity, long-lasting experience
Beneath the simple and charming design, the 5150mAh and the power-saving frequency conversion system work together to allocate power intelligently.
Long-lasting 5150mAh Battery
Power-saving frequency conversion, decent performance with low power consumption
Turbo fast charging technology, 24W turbo quick charging

Extra 3500mAh power module + Turbo quick charge

The 3500mAh module offers another 80% power with 10W turbo quick charge technology.

Charge up the phone with a single touch

A phone conference arrived as the user landed. Take out the magnetic battery module and it's automatically attached to the phone. Once the meeting's over, the user is ready to go. Enjoy the worry-free life and convenience with the simple method of charging.
3500mAh additional power
10W quick charge
Charge independently

Mediatek P90 pair with 8GB RAM to release the unprecedented potential of the SoC. Faster gaming experience and less loading time.

DOOGEE S95Pro will come to market this month. To get more news please visit:

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