doqo - an Exciting New Keyboard for iPad Pro Boosts Productivity and Delivers a Laptop-Like Experience

doqo - an Exciting New Keyboard for iPad Pro Boosts Productivity and Delivers a Laptop-Like Experience

doqo keyboard announces the Kickstarter launch of a sleek new keyboard and trackpad for iPad Pro that unlocks the full potential of Apple's latest iPad. Featuring a built-in battery, full-size trackpad, and backlit keyboard, doqo gives users a MacBook-like experience for the iPad Pro and is available now:

The iPad Pro is a revolutionary device changing the way people live and work. Its power and portability are second to none, but it suffers from a less-than-ideal typing experience, limited battery life and difficulty connecting to other mobile devices. The new doqo keyboard addresses those issues and adds features that boost productivity and enhance the iPad Pro user's experience.

The doqo keyboard is built within a sleek, portable, protective aluminum case that protects the iPad Pro and houses a full-size, backlit keyboard and trackpad that takes advantage of the newest features of iPadOS – Apple's dedicated iPad operating system. The responsive scissor-switch tactile keys have comfortable key travel, large keycaps and great feedback that make typing more efficient and more enjoyable. The multi-touch trackpad adds fully functional gesture controls that work with iPadOS and multi-tasking functions and shortcuts.

"Since the release of Apple's dedicated OS for iPad Pro, we have been working to create the perfect companion keyboard that would give users a MacBook-like typing experience, add the versatility of a trackpad and take advantage of the newest gesture controls and multi-tasking features for iPad Pro. The result of our efforts is doqo, the most advanced and intuitive keyboard for iPad Pro. It finally gives users a way to increase productivity and convenience when working, creating, or having fun with their iPad Pro." -David Zhu, CEO doqo

What further sets the keyboard apart is the ingenious 7-in-1 hub for the ultimate connectivity of external accessories. doqo's exclusive all-in-one hub design allows the simple connection of iPad Pro to an external monitor, mouse, smartphone, flash drive, camera, or other devices for incredible versatility and productivity. Finally, the addition of a 4300 mAh battery provides a lightweight on-the-go charging solution.

With the release of doqo, iPad Pro users can enjoy the full potential of iPadOS, along with expanded connectivity, charging, and a more enjoyable user experience. doqo keyboard is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters:


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