Micromobility Innovation Leader VeoRide Unveils Futuristic Veo Brand

Micromobility Innovation Leader VeoRide Unveils Futuristic Veo Brand

Micromobility's innovation leader, VeoRide, today announced the company known for manufacturing the safest and most durable shared use e-scooters, e-bikes, bikes and the first of its kind seated Veo Cosmo, is officially launching its new name and brand inspired by space travel and futurism, and will now be known as Veo.

The exciting update emphasizes the inventive solutions mindset at Veo. "Since we founded this company, we are constantly thinking about what are some of the toughest problems cities are facing today," said Edwin Tan, President, Veo. "By shortening our brand name from VeoRide to Veo, we open up possibilities to embrace new services, technologies, and partnerships beyond micromobility in the future to help cities ultimately resolve those challenges.

The new name will be applied to all vehicle types in the company's portfolio across Veo's partner cities nationwide in 2020. Along with this new brand, Veo is also introducing a new app and website which both feature futuristic looks and leading edge user experiences.

"We want to provide an engaging new brand experience for our users with the theme of futurism, and we are embedding it into our hardware, our software, and our services, so that at every touchpoint our riders and partners feel empowered by the collective vision we share to create a greener world that is easier to navigate," said Candice Xie, CEO, Veo.

The new Veo symbol for the company is simple yet iconic with a distinctive "O" which symbolizes movement and cycle. The "O" embodies the idea of sustainability, togetherness, and going towards a new future.

"As the industry evolves, we need to be more forward-looking into the future. The way to get to the new future is through the "O" which serves as a portal to this new world we are building - The Veo World," said Teddy Lu, Creative Director, Veo. "The meaning of the portal is also about efficient transportation and getting to your location faster, almost like teleporting to your next location. Once inside the portal, within our "Veo World" everything feels "Veo" aesthetically and functionally. It's a futuristic world that is high tech and green."

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