Scoot introduces Scoot Moped

Scoot, the original shared electric mobility company from San Francisco, today announced the newest addition to its fleet: Scoot Moped. With Scoot Moped, individuals can replace the majority of their ride hail trips with an emissions-free ride that reduces congestion and emissions.

"Everyone in a city wants to get from point A to B as quickly as possible. This desire has spurred many new modes of transportation in just the last year alone," said Michael Keating, founder and president of Scoot. "Scoot Moped is the perfect alternative to driving in the city."

Building on the popularity of Scoot's existing fleet of shared electric mopeds currently available in San Francisco and Barcelona, the new Scoot Mopeds are comfortable, efficient, and easy-to use vehicles and offer riders a sustainable way to move about their communities whether to work, class, run errands or to meet up with friends. The seated vehicle comes equipped with a helmet. Scoot Moped riders must be 18+ years old and have a valid driver's license.

About Scoot Moped
Scoot Moped is the newest vehicle from Scoot and features:
Smooth Seated Ride: Large-volume tires that deliver a smooth and safe ride on city streets
Powerful Braking: Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable, safe, and responsive slowing and stopping
Enhanced Visibility: Two side mirrors for added visibility and LCD display for vehicle speed information
Power to Climb: Custom motor to help tackle urban hills

Where to Ride and Park Scoot Moped

Scoot Moped should be ridden on the street, or, depending on local laws, in the bicycle lane. Upon completion of a ride, Scoot Mopeds should be parked on the street in designated motorcycle spaces and between car parking places. Scoot Mopeds should not be ridden or parked on sidewalks.


Scoot Moped will be available via the iOS and Android Scoot and Bird Apps. They are currently available to ride as part of a pilot program in Los Angeles and will roll out to additional cities later this year.

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