Puro Sound Labs Brings Healthy Hearing to Gaming Market

Puro Sound Labs, the world's leading manufacturer of premium, safe-listening headphones today introduced the PuroGamer—featuring studio-grade audio, and volume-limiting—for a safe, immersive gaming experience. The new headphones employ many of the outstanding features that earned Puro Sound Labs numerous awards for their original BT-2200 kid's volume-limited headphones, including high-quality, light weight, construction, plush and comfortable noise-isolating ear-pads, the outstanding clarity of their Puro Balanced Response Curve, and a 85dB volume-limiting filter to prevent hearing damaging volume levels. In addition to the sleek design, the PuroGamer headphones add a high-quality 50mm graphene driver, an omni-directional, detachable boom microphone, with noise canceling and anti-interference features for a competitive gaming edge. The new PuroGamer headphones will be on sale starting mid-September at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca1 and PuroSound.com for only $79.99.

To meet Puro's meticulous audio standards and to implement their Puro Balanced Response Curve, they invested in the development of premium 50mm graphene drivers that are capable of high-quality audio at lower volume levels, providing incredible clarity, depth and dynamic range. With the increased capabilities of the driver, added to the neutral tonal balance of the Puro Balanced Response curve, along with the noise isolation provided by the plush ear pads and solid headphone construction, the headphones are able to offer better audio performance, making it easier to hear gaming elements without the need to increase the volume. This allowed Puro to integrate a virtually undetectable, high-quality volume-limiting filter in line with the cable connection to prevent the volume from exceeding 85dB, which is considered a safe level for up to 8 hours of listening.

"Studies show that listening to audio, like games, above 85dB for extended periods of time can cause permanent hearing damage, and the louder the volume, the quicker the damage can occur," notes Puro Sound Labs founder and CEO, Dave Russell. He comments that, "Puro Sound Labs was created to address the world health epidemic of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss after my wife and I became aware that our daughter had hearing damage at a young age, likely as a result of listening with her headphones too loud. We want everyone to enjoy great-sounding music and games, but we also want to be sure that they are listening at safe levels. We're excited to extend our Healthy Ears products for even greater gaming excitement and improved sound quality with safe entertainment levels."

PuroGamer Features

PuroGamer is designed for use with PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox gaming consoles, and mobile devices.
Volume Limiting to 85 dB: considered the maximum safe listening level for up to eight hours, as recommended by numerous health organizations (Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA, World Health Organization, American Speech Pathology Association, etc.).
Studio grade audio quality with our patent-pending Puro Balanced Response® curve; 50 mm Graphene speaker for perfect clarity and stable sound quality. Genuine studio grade audio, engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals and full, dynamic bass all within our 85dB volume limit.
Omnidirectional, detachable boom microphone, with noise cancelling, and anti-interference features, that filters ambient noise and provides clear sound from virtually any direction.
Comfortable ear cups with 75% Ambient Noise Isolation
Light weight (12 oz) & durable construction

In the Box
PuroGamer Headphones w/ In-Line Control Box & 3.5mm Split Plug Connection
Detachable Boom Microphone
Soft Travel Bag
Quick Start Guide

1Amazon.ca pricing $119.99 Canadian

SOURCE Puro Sound Labs
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