How to Build A ChatBot and Make Serious Money

A chatbot is a software with artificial intelligence that can mimic a natural language discussion with a customer through text apps, blogs, mobile apps, or the phone. A chatbot will typically interact with a true individual, but apps are being created to interact with two chatbots.

Most of the business integrated the chatbot with the facebook messenger. Chatbots are used in applications such as customer service for eCommerce, call centers, and Internet gaming. Typically, chatbots used for these purposes are limited to conversations about a special purpose and not about the entire range of human communication.

Creating A Chatbot

Chatbots have become more popular, so have the number of instruments to construct and execute them. To use many of them, you don't need to be a super-powered designer. More information on creating chatbots lies on to know various chatbot tools that enables you to create and develop your chatbots

Understanding Customers

The first thing to consider as you set out to monetize your chatbot is to understand the psychology of your customer. You have to use it for your benefit. When a customer clicks on a chat, you need to deliver what the customer wants. Only then can your worth be generated by a client.

Utilizing Bots As A Service

By handling difficult tasks, Bots can empower B2B businesses, thereby boosting their productivity. It can replace the business software based on the cloud and SaaS that most B2B organizations are using.

Most of this revenue will be spilled into chatbots by their replacement by bots. Hence, BaaS (bots as a service) has a high potential to be a business model for B2B companies. It will be a smooth transition to the bot version as most of these companies are already familiar with the SaaS model.

Best Strategies To Make Money From Chatbots

Chatbots are fresh and hot, but how are you going to help them create cash for your business? Can chatbots be leveraged to create revenues? Most significantly, did you create a chatbot, but struggle to monetize it? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business, you need to keep monetization at the heart of your effort.

Chatbots ' performance has boosted the chatbot marketing competition. Interestingly, thanks to chatbot instruments, the method of creating chatbots is becoming ever easier. With VIPs like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook declaring their intention to enter the chatbot bandwagon, they stay one of the most discussed and fastest subjects.

Using Chatbots On Landing Pages

In essence, a chatbot landing page is a page containing only a chatbot. The chatbot is not just sitting in the corner of a webpage, instead, the chatbot takes the spotlight. And adding a full-screen landing page for chatbots helps grasp the visitor’s attention, forces them to engage in a conversation, and delivers information instead of making them search for it.

Making Money From Native Or Sponsored Content

With the introduction of VICE and BuzzFeed, the pattern of indigenous material has grown dramatically over the past few years. Native material is a model in which companies spend cash to get news companies to immediately spread their material on their stations.

Facebook E-Commerce Site

The best thing about chatbots is that they offer you an integrated, cost-effective manner to interact more directly and personally than ever before with your clients. It's something that you can readily contribute to your marketing strategy for Facebook.

Money Through Partnership

By joining forces with other businesses, you can also make money from the chatbots. Suppose you've got a chatbot, but you can't monetize it. Then you can partner with other companies. They will use your chatbot as a marketing strategy to monetize it with their funds and they will share each other's profits. So for both, it's a win-win situation.

Affiliate Marketing

For chatbots and AI, affiliate marketing is a simple industry. If a particular issue is solved by your chatbot, you can attach affiliate connections to it. In the next five years, the affiliate marketing sector is anticipated to increase to 6.8 billion dollars. It's the moment to leap into this concept for all the bot-loving designers.


Because of the capability to mimic human speech very carefully, chatbots will quickly profit from advertising. They provide an enormous benefit to advertisers and marketers. There are several studies showing customers relying more on word-of-mouth suggestions than on radio, television or web advertisements.


The chatbot is very useful for business interaction. There are many pre-built platforms on the market that make creating a chatbot very easy for us. This has increased the competition for chatbot marketing. Most small businesses have chatbots, but they can't find monetizing strategies.

But business owners can do some other creativities for monetizing chatbots if they stick to the core monetizing strategies, improvement of strategies, and integrating it with the business model. All of these would broaden the horizon on monetizing chatbots efficiently.

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