SOUNDBOKS Releases the Ultimate Limited Edition Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Collaboration with Yes Theory

Today SOUNDBOKS released 100 limited edition SOUNDBOKS 2 speakers in collaboration with digital creators, Yes Theory, who are famously known for challenging actor, Will Smith, to Bungie Jump out of a helicopter. Yes Theory has been known for pushing boundaries, testing limits, and empowering a global community to seek discomfort and to step outside their comfort zones.

Seek Discomfort SOUNDBOKS 2 speakers will be available until supplies last, for $949 only available through

"Yes Theory and SOUNDBOKS live by similar core values- that to truly live your life to the fullest you must push the boundaries of what's possible and create incredible, memorable experiences," says Hjatle Wieth, co-founder and chief business officer at SOUNDBOKS. "And that does not come without seeking discomfort. This limited edition collaboration is a manifestation of the future we all believe in. It's a unique chance to join the core family and we invite you... if you dare!"

Durable and portable, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is the loudest battery-powered speaker in the world (with a max volume of 122dB) with 40 hours of battery life. With indoor/outdoor settings including its removable rechargeable battery, you can take SOUNDBOKS 2 with you anywhere you want to go to create memorable experiences.


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