Majority of American Consumers Feel Comfortable With Smart Home

Internet connected homes have gone beyond niche early adopters, with the majority (56%) Americans feeling comfortable with IoT technology. In TraQline's inaugural Smart Home survey, 69% of household reported owning a smart product. Further, 35% of consumers reported having bought a smart product within the past six months. TraQline's Smart Home survey covers not only penetration and purchase of smart home products, but the usage and attitudes of consumers—including who's using the products and how often.

"Of the 2,045 households surveyed, nearly 70% owned a smart home product. For those smart products owned, over 60% of the time consumers are extremely interested or very interested in buying another," says Brennan Callahan, a director of National Accounts for TraQline, "This shows the value consumers place on the convenience of smart home products."

Other takeaways from this recent survey include:
The top three factors that influence a consumer's smart product purchase are Price (68%), Ease of Use (50%), and Security concerns (37%)
39% of consumers surveyed indicate that they plan to purchase a smart thermostat within the next six months (44% intend to purchase a smart home security camera)
40% of smart products are used two or more times a day.

TraQline Smarthome provides additional usage and attitudes for 27 different categories, measuring attributes such as: why people purchase, who in household uses smart functions, type of devices controlled by Alexa and Google, importance of smart home features, features desired, and more.

Smarthome Infographic

SOURCE TraQline - Stevenson Company
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