Beurer Introduces Cellulite Massager That Helps Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Beurer, the number one leading health care brand in Europe, lands in North America with a device meant to revolutionize how women tackle cellulite.

And it's here, at last! A product in the market that actually works towards reducing the appearance of cellulite. The Cellulite ReleaZer by Beurer uses targeted vibration to increase microcirculation in the tissue, as it encourages and accelerates blood flow, aiding in the reduction of fat molecules. A device designed with 2 programs and 3 intensity levels to trigger those hard areas where cellulite might be visible. This product is no match to any of the other cellulite reduction remedies in the market, the Cellulite ReleaZer has also been engineered to be water resistant (IPX5) so that it's convenient and easy to use anywhere in your bathroom-even in the shower!

To achieve better results, Beurer recommends using the Cellulite ReleaZer every two days, covering all 4 treatment surfaces the device offers. If you are not convinced yet, just know that 88% of women said their skin appeared sleek and silky after usage and 94% thought their skin felt firmer**

Numbers don't lie, and neither does your skin. We highly suggest everyone should get a head start this summer by incorporating the Cellulite ReleaZer into your daily skincare routine.

Cellulite ReleaZer by Beurer launches on February 2019. To learn more watch this video.

SOURCE Beurer North America
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