Meet Miku: The Baby Genius of Monitors

Today, Miku launches at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) as a new technology company that cares about your every breath. Its flagship product, the Miku Baby Monitor, captures and analyzes vital metrics and sleep patterns using proprietary technology developed by military engineers and backed by the National Science Foundation. The device was built to provide new parents with a greater sense of awareness and empowerment related to their baby's health. As a testament to its advanced technology and ease of use, the company was recognized as the winner in the "Baby Sleep" category and selected as the "Audience Favorite" in the annual Best of BabyTech Awards at CES® 2019 held by Babylist, the premier platform for new and expecting parents.

"We've invented a technology that cares as much about your baby as you do," said Colt Seman, CMO and co-founder of Miku. "We're honored to be a winner in the Best of BabyTech Awards and hope to set a new standard for the industry that raises expectations for something as core to care as a baby monitor."

The Miku Baby Monitor uses patent-pending AI and machine learning technology called SensorFusion, which combines optical and wireless sensing to build a full and accurate picture of the baby's critical health metrics with no wires or wearables. Beyond breathing and sleeping patterns, these sensors track temperature and humidity levels to ensure the baby's environment is stable. Miku's technology and corresponding app work with smartphones from anywhere in the world and sends instant alerts when it matters most, giving parents a tranquil peace of mind.

Miku propels the baby monitor into completely new territory with its brilliant orchestration of technology in one tiny, powerful package. A local Qualcomm processor works in real-time to detect and analyze the baby's breathing, sound, and motion in its very own quad-core brain, enabling the device to function even if the WiFi connection is lost. Another unique feature to Miku is an embedded, tamper-resistant Crypto Chip keeping Miku's data secure.

In addition to capturing core metrics within its iOS and Android compatible app, Miku tracks and graphs the baby's sleeping habits, offering a visual analysis through a digital dashboard called MikuMind. Here, parents can view sleep reports, read expert health tips and scroll through an archive of photos, videos, and much more. MikuMind analyzes and stores data to build a bigger picture of the baby's behavior over time. The more data it collects, the smarter Miku–and parents–become. In the future, the company will use this data to make health recommendations like check-up reminders or provide alerts when vitals change, such as your baby's heart rate or room's temperature and humidity.

With a beautiful and sophisticated design not typically seen in baby products, the Miku Baby Monitor fits beautifully in any nursery, on any nightstand, or anywhere in the home. The monitor features custom dual Ole Wolff speakers for crystal clear audio. High quality night vision captures HD photos and videos that can be immediately stored to a smartphone and shared with friends and family.

Upon the birth of his first child, Eric White, Miku's co-founder and CEO, decided to invent a cutting edge and reliable monitor he would want for his own children. Beyond baby care, Miku's SensorFusion technology can read the vitals of any living thing. In the future, the team will explore use cases for adult preventative health, elderly care and pets.

"The Miku Baby Monitor is only the beginning for us," said Eric. "As a new father, I know there is a huge need for this level of technology and sophistication in a product people entrust to help care for their loved ones. The applications for Miku's technology are limitless."

The company will be showcasing its flagship device at CES in its booth located at Tech West at Sands Expo #44601. To learn more about Miku and purchase the Miku Baby Monitor, visit

Tech Specs:
Monitor Dimensions: 4.5" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" D
Camera Dimensions: 0.25"
Color: White
Camera/ Video: 5MP sensor, video H. 264 encoding up to 1080p up to 30 fps
Audio: Stereo channels, double Ole Wollf speakers, two-way microphone array
Night Vision: High-power infrared LEDs assembled
Processor: Snapdragon 410 (APQ 8016), quad core, ARM® Cortex® A53, 64-bit, 1.2GHz, Qualcomm® AdrenoTM 306 GPU, Qualcomm® HexagonTM v5 DSP
Features: Contact-free operation, local quad-core processing, real-time alerts, SensorFusion technology, breathing monitoring, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, sound detector, motion detector, sleep analytics, sleep reports, dual speakers, two-way talk, MikuMusic sleep sounds, MikuMusic playlists, 30-day MikuMind subscription
Requirements: Smartphone: iOS, Android, Wi-Fi connection: 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz, Bluetooth: Low Energy (BLE) 4.1, Internet speed: High Speed Internet DSL, cable, FiOS
Operating Conditions: Indoor use only. Temperature: Camera -4° F to 113° F (-20° C to 45° C), Humidity: Up to 80% RH in packaging, Pressure: Up to 15,000 ft altitude
Warranty: One-year parts. For complete warranty visit
Support: For support, visit or call 1-833-ASK-MIKU
In the box: Miku Baby Monitor, quick-start guide, power supply, wall mount with level, self-adhering cable guides, screwdriver, mounting plate, large drywall anchors & screws cable clips, and optional small drywall anchors & screws
Price: $399

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