How to ensure your brand makes a big impact online

Many firms yearn to go viral on the Internet to enjoy all of the benefits that it brings. But making an impact online is the sort of task that is easier discussed than actually implemented. In the sea of content that constitutes the modern web, breaking through and reaching the sort of consumers you want to access can be difficult.

If you feel stuck in this particular rut, it’s wise to take some tips from leading digital marketing experts. Whether you choose to focus on email list techniques, building out appealing and relevant social media profiles or working to rise up the ranks of Google (or, indeed, a mixture of all three), a solution is at hand. This article will deliver some top tips which can help you to be certain that your brand can advance online, and that you can get the consumers or followers you need.

Punchy emails

Email marketing was the sort of practice that used to be considered the ultimate in digital marketing – and it was for much of the early phase of this discipline. And while it’s now been usurped to some extent by more modern forms of digital marketing such as social media, it’s still a powerful force. According to WordStream, email is the third-most powerful information provider in a business-to-business context. As a result, it’s well worth thinking about using it in your firm’s efforts to make a big impact online.

In practice, this will require a decent email newsletter distribution service – such as MailChimp – on your side. A service such as this can automate many of the most laborious email tasks, such as sending each email to each recipient, and can also provide you with analytics in order to monitor how well each campaign performs. If you can amass a decent-sized mailing list and learn the art of writing gripping subject lines, you can expect decent opening rates – and, consequently, a chance to help boost your firm’s reputation through the medium of email.

Attractive social profiles

When it comes to social media, there’s a special set of requirements for all digital marketers to comply with to some extent. Images, for example, are considered pretty much essential. Posts with images often end up being more engaging than posts without. And while social media is seen as relatively lawless compared to other modes of communication such as official websites, it’s still important to project a professionalized image. In order to make a positive impact and avoid appearing amateurish, proof-reading of content before posting is a must.

But while most marketers would agree that these things are all well and good, many of them are also sometimes seen as expensive. There are some solutions though – even for those digital marketers who need to be as careful as possible with resources. It’s possible to make Facebook cover videos using online tools. And it’s also possible to spell-check your social media content using free or cheap Internet-based services in order to give your content that added veneer of professionalism.

Mastering search engines

Search engine marketing has long since been one of the key aims of digital marketers – and with Google having over two billion users on Android devices alone and many more on other operating systems, it’s unlikely that this will be going away any time soon. The advantage of search engines is that they meet a clear need: while social media and emails are also opportunities to make an impact, they often don’t fulfill a pressing and urgent need in as precise a way as Google.

But how can your business rise through the ranks and make a clear impact in search results? A full and comprehensive answer to that question isn’t really available thanks to Google’s relative secrecy around its algorithm and search ranking practices, but there are some clues out there. Unique content appears to be well-rewarded, so investing in the creation of relevant and hitherto unused web pages is wise. And if you have a marketing budget behind you, you can also pay to appear highly in search results – and tweak it based on particular search terms.

With each passing year, it gets harder to secure an amazing impact for your brand or business on the Internet. This is down in part to increased noise and competition from other brands, but it’s also due to a lack of knowledge about the most cutting-edge and useful tips and tricks which all digital marketers need at their disposal. So whether you sign up for a top email marketing service, get ahead of the game with Google or spend time creating that all-important Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, you’ve got lots of social media weapons in your marketing arsenal.

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