LG Presents The Future Of Smart Kitchens At CES 2019

LG Electronics (LG) will reveal the next phase in the development of the smart kitchen at CES® 2019. Partnerships will play a key role in creating a better culinary experience, according to LG, demonstrated by the company's partnership with Drop, the developer behind the Drop KitchenOS platform. Better integration of kitchen appliances, such as ovens, into the connected home will be a key factor in making the smart kitchen more attractive to consumers.

LG's agreement with Drop adds to the company's growing list of smart kitchen partners, which also include Innit® and SideChef. When the user selects a recipe through Drop, the platform seamlessly informs LG appliances of the choice and automates elements of the cooking process, such as automatically preheating the oven or adjusting time, temperature and cooking mode based on the recipe. With deeper collaboration with an expanded offering of smart kitchen partners, LG's connected smart kitchen collection of ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers will work together to help simplify the task of food preparation as well as meal cleanup.

To provide more flexible ways to connect to the wealth of smart recipes available, LG's WK9 smart display wireless speaker system is the ideal kitchen companion. The powerful "XBOOM" stereo speaker with built-in AI ThinQ™ capability includes the convenience of the Google Assistant for a pleasant, hands-free option while cooking. The 8-inch touch screen can display thousands of smart personalized recipes from smart kitchen platform services so there's less reason to opt for eating out.

At CES 2019, LG also is introducing a revolutionary beer-making machine, LG HomeBrew, to round out the smart kitchen portfolio that also features the LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator and LG QuadWash™ dishwasher. LG smart kitchen customers can enjoy a cold craft beer while selecting recipes right from their refrigerator's embedded screen. Once the right dish has been identified, the recipe can be sent from the refrigerator to the oven which begins preheating to the right temperature. After cooking the meal, the EasyClean™ feature in LG's combination wall oven removes any food residue that might have splattered on the interior. Finally, the same smart recipe will inform the LG QuadWash dishwasher of the optimal setting to ensure spotless cleaning of the dishware and utensils that were used to enjoy the delicious meal.

"Through partnerships that tap into today's more intelligent kitchen appliances, we're able to deliver the smart kitchen experience that customers have been asking for," said Dan Song, president of LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. "Technology is making the kitchen more and more complicated and our vision is to create an environment that is welcoming and stress-free so that families can enjoy the optimal culinary experience without having to eat out or order in."

Visitors to CES 2019 from January 8-11 will be able to experience the revolutionary LG HomeBrew as well as lineup of Wi-Fi-enabled smart home appliances at booth #11100 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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