Xpower, the World's First 2-Way Magnetic Charging Cable, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

With integrated Power Deliver technology, Xpower Double Mag 2-way magnetic charging cable is able to efficiently charge MacBook and Nintendo Switch.

Xpower Magnetic Cable's superiorities over other charging cables:

1) World's first two-way Magnetic Cable which supports power delivery.

2) Single cable for all devices.

3) User-friendly. With magnetic connectors on both ends and a 360-degree connector, users can simply plug and charge with one hand.

4) Durable. This Magnetic Cable uses strong N38-grade neodymium magnets which make it easy to hold up to 500g objects. Meanwhile, nylon material allows this cable to bend over 30,000 times.

5) Supports 3A Quick Charge and data transmission.

The Double Mag is a well-designed and practical magnetic charging cable that measures 1 meter long. The cable shows off a sleek and low-profile design defined by the nylon cable shield and aluminum alloy ends, and non-tearable nylon material allows the cable to be bent over 30,000 times for an ultra-durable construction.

The magnetic charging cable works with various mobile devices using the two-way magnetic connection and multiple magnetic connectors for Lightning, USB-C and microUSB input and output. Just change the connectors based on different devices so that it works as a Lightning cable, microUSB cable or USB-C cable. Furthermore, the 4-core oxygen-free pure copper cable supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charge and USB 2.0 data transfer. More importantly, with a USB-C connector with Power Delivery technology, it's capable of fast-charging MacBook and Nintendo Switch. The magnetic design ensures the device will never tumble to the floor for a safer charging.

The team behind Double Mag is raising funds for the product on Kickstarter. Everyone can pledge $50 to preorder the magnetic charging cable with all seven magnetic connectors. The set will be shipped in December 2018.

Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/222469511/double-mag-3rd-generation-2-ways-magnetic-cable-wi?ref=egfcqb

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