eyeDisk Announces the Launch of Their Unhackable USB Flash Drive With Iris Recognition Technology

Today, the eye-Disk team announced their Kickstarter launch eyeDisk - the unhackable USB flash drive with Iris recognition technology. eyeDisk is the most secure USB flash drive available on Kickstarter now.

Data security is more important than ever. Iris recognition is a method of biometric identification that is the most reliable and secure biometric information other than human DNA. it's 150 times more secure than fingerprint encryption and 15 times more secure than facial recognition. It's not only safe but fast. The advanced identification system authenticates a user's iris in only 0.5s.

"Biometrics have come a long way beginning with fingerprint scanners and facial recognition but both of those methods can be compromised. Today, iris recognition is the most secure method of authentication available. Combined with data encryption, it is the safest way to store valuable personal and business data," says Jerry Wang, founder of eyeDisk.

eyeDisk is easy to set up with a simple 3 step method. For added security, the iris recognition takes place offline, all data stays on the physical disk and is never stored on any online location. Furthermore, the data on the USB drive is fully encrypted using AES-256 military-level key generation for absolute security.

And the iris scanning technology is certified safe using the same IR LED as Samsung and Google data. The iris scanning method meets the safety standard of IEC-62471 for safe use and will not damage eyes in any way.

eyeDisk also includes useful features such as a one-click backup, multiple storage sizes (32GB & 128GB) and custom laser engraving to put an email or other information on the device permanently.

Limited Slots for Super Early Bird Price is live on Kickstarter HERE.

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