The World's Fastest 3D Printing Speed has been Upgraded to 1200mm/hour

UNIZ, makers of the world's fastest 3D printers, released an SLA printer called the Slash Plus UDP. It has a build size of 190x120x200mm and breaks its own record by setting the new highest printing speed at 1200mm/hour.

In contrast to the average 20-50mm/hour speeds of the 3D printing industry, this groundbreaking speed is nothing short of a technological marvel. These speeds are achieved using the unique cUDP technology, developed by the engineers at UNIZ. The company currently sells five different printer models with build size up to 530x300x1050mm that aim to help consumers and industries achieve high quality prints in short time.

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3D printing is still relatively new in terms of industrial mass production, healthcare and other common industries. 3D printing is oftentimes secondary to traditional factory manufacturing due to high costs and slow production time. With new devices and technologies from UNIZ, 3D printing has never been more accessible for industrial needs. For example, a jewelry professional would sculpt on average 2-3 jewelry molds per week. Comparatively, up to 80 molds can be printed in a single hour using UNIZ products, without sacrificing the quality and precision that is achieved by employing a professional. These production times greatly increase productivity and can lead to greater success for businesses.

UNIZ also aims to provide services in the medical field by providing the means to quickly create customized tools for use in surgery. UNIZ 3D products can help doctors and surgeons quickly produce the items they need on demand, without having to go to a third party provider. This can help increase patient satisfaction and save lives by greatly shortening the amount of time needed to prepare for a procedure or operation.

As research and development continues in the field of 3D printing, additive manufacturing will be more involved in production and become a key part in the standard manufacturing process. This oncoming 3D printing revolution willshorten manufacturing times, reduce costs and greatly increase production and efficiency.

UNIZ 3D is a leading global innovator of desktop and industrial SLA 3D printing technology. The company was established in San Diego, California, in 2014 by founder and CEO Dr. Houmin Li. UNIZ is committed to producing bigger, better and faster 3D printers to the benefit of all peoples and businesses.

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