ARTISTMARK, Critically Acclaimed iPad Artist, Declares Apple's New iPad Pro Amazes - "Sparks the next Chapter of The Digital Art Revolution"

"The magic of Digital Art on iPad is that the canvass will always be in its infancy. Blending the Apple Pencil with iPad has created the most powerful force driving the Digital Art Movement," says ARTISTMARK. "The New iPad Pro and magnetic Apple Pencil takes our emerging art form to incredible new heights." ARTISTMARK stated "The next Andy Warhol will be a Digital Artist. This would not be possible without the iPad."

ARTISTMARK's Experimental POP - Leading the Digital Art Revolution
As detailed in a recent article published by Audra Lambert, art business journal (, Apple iPad is what is behind the unique digital pop art practice of ARISTMARK, whose critically acclaimed Experimental POP digital mixed media exclusively utilizes the Apple iPad. On the heels of major museum retrospectives of artists such as David Hockney celebrating art made using iPad technology, ARTISTMARK hits a high note creating artwork that leads the next generation style of digital mixed media by transforming images into a unique multi filtered form of intelligent iPad art.

"iPad is not just a device – it is a brilliant, magical canvas. What makes the iPad so compelling is how it spans a fascinating convergence between imagination, art, and technology. Creating with the iPad is a pure, fresh, originative process that transcends into a limitless and costless universal canvas – accessible to anyone with a natural curiosity and craving to create. Over time as applications (the brushes of technological change) are replaced, the artwork created today will no longer be able to be composed in its current form. To the contrary, when a person draws or paints on paper or other medium, it is just that and will always be that way. That makes the allure of experimenting with art on the iPad so enticing – and unlike any other artistic endeavor in the world."

ARTISTMARK continues, "When I create with my iPad I dance without a care in the world. It is an intimate, frictionless, and prolific creative experience. When I first attempted to embrace composing art on my iPad, I thought my creations would be disrupted and negatively impacted as a result of not having the physical sensations of feeling the brush, hearing the sound of my strokes on the canvas, or seeing textures illuminated by the gallery lights. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case and celebrated the profound positive impact it had on my artwork and my audience."

"My iPad also provides 100% flexibility to create artwork anytime, anywhere. I take it with me everywhere in NYC and when I travel. This allows me to create at any instant of inspiration. I never experienced anything like this carrying pencils and paper. At this point, I would find it extremely difficult to create artwork in any other way."

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