A Robotic Companion for Your Pet: VARRAM Introduces an Artificial Intelligence-Powered Pet Fitness Robot

Ideal for busy pet owners who worry about leaving their pets at home alone over long periods of time, VARRAM (http://global.varram.com) has launched the VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot, an industry-leading, artificial intelligence-powered, five-sense-stimulating pet companion.

The company's innovative robot was designed to appeal to pets, but it is not your average pet toy. The Pet Fitness Robot's advanced technology allows pet owners to remotely track and monitor their pet's activity, decide when their pets are active, set the duration of activity, and control the number of treats their pet receives all from a convenient smartphone application.

"We are animal lovers above all else," said Bee-Oh Kim, global marketing deputy general manager of VARRAM. "To develop our product, our team sought out advice from animal behavior specialists during the design process. Although playing with the Pet Fitness Robot may seem like a lighthearted activity, it can make a world of difference for a pet's overall well-being. We are driven by improving the quality of life of humans and pets through robot technology."

Although the iOS and Android compatible application enables owners to control the robot's settings, it is more than a remote control, it is a means through which owners can maintain their pet's emotional and physical health while they are away.

Kim added that throughout the course of a 10-hour day, the company's robot can promote activity to distract a pet from the stress associated with separation anxiety and encourage exercise to combat or prevent depression, lethargy, and obesity.

VARRAM developers ensured the Pet Fitness Robot's structural integrity through its rugged polycarbonate design and IPX4 water resistance. These features come together to create an incredibly durable robot design that can withstand a 630-pound weight test, the bites, scratches and gnaws of over 50 different large dogs, and liquid splashes from any direction.

Benefits of the VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot include:
Smartphone Link: The robot is controlled through an easy to use app. Track, monitor and control your dog's activity with your phone.
Battery Life: The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot features a rechargeable battery that can last 10 hours on a two-hour charge.
Easy Maintenance: Simply clean the robot with a wet cloth, refill treats and recharge the battery.
IPX4 Water Resistance: The robot is splashproof from any direction and can function even if a pet urinates on it.
FDA Standard Polycarbonate Construction: The materials used in the robot are safe for pets and have the ability to withstand a 630-pound weight test.
Promotes Physical and Emotional Health: The robot is a companion that encourages pets to remain active throughout the day. This can prevent separation anxiety, lethargy, depression, and obesity.
Works with any Treat: Use any treat that fits in the 1-inch width and 0.6-inch height opening.
Warranty: The robot is covered with a 1-year warranty that includes battery protection.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company has launched an Indiegogo, ( https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-smart-robot-for-your-pet-varram#/ ), to raise awareness among consumers and the investment community.


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