Huobi Founder Leon Li Meets With Vladimir Putin Advisor Sergey Glazyev

Huobi founder and CEO Leon Li and noted Russian economist Sergey Glazyev, an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, met Monday at Huobi's Beijing offices to discuss blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and Huobi's potential place in Russia's financial marketplace. "The cryptocurrency industry is still booming and expanding, and almost every country on the planet is making an attempt to grow the crypto-space. If Huobi Group can set a good example for the market, it will be of great help to Russia's national legislation on blockchain cryptocurrencies," Glazyev said. "The combination of Huobi's experience to implement in Russia will have a positive effect on Russia's economic growth. Therefore, I believe this is a great opportunity to explore this area."

A noted supporter of blockchain technology, Glazyev also advocates the use of blockchain to support government affairs and to combat corruption and various types of financial fraud. "In some countries, blockchain technology has been used beyond digital assets and even in administrative processes, such as smuggling prevention, since this is the best technology for transaction transparency and risk prevention," he said. "Digital assets also enhances the development of blockchain technology. They are inseparably interconnected. I hope some advanced countries will use blockchain and digital technology in their national market organizations, because they can help make the money market more sustainable, transparent and less risky."


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