Top Clutch Throttle Gaming Chair

With numerous gaming chairs in the market today, it is daunting to find the right product for you. The top-world-drivers-inspired Clutch Throttle Gaming Chairs are designed to solve the mystery for you. The features provided ensure that you are able to game in style. Here are the details:

The Design Is Perfect

Clutch throttle gaming chair features 4D armrests. It means that they can more up and down, forward and back, and side to side. In other words, you can move them in any direction of your choice. They also can be removed from the body and hence, you have a chance to rest the elbows in the right position for gaming. The four gas lift enables you to adjust the height while the tilt lock allows you to lock the chair at any angle of your choice. The backrest recline function allows you to take an angle constrained to 85-135 degrees.

For your comfort’s sake, the gaming chair features neck and lumbar cushion. While some people may find the feature optional, a person who games for hours will need the super soft cushions at some point. They conform to the shape of your back. High quality foam is provided at the sitting area. Having featured a heavy duty frame, the chair does not move around and instead, you have a sense of support and sturdiness as you seat on the chair.

Your floors will remain unscratched after purchasing the clutch gaming chair. It features non-marking castors, which are safe for all surfaces. In fact, it has a silky smooth operation that leaves your floor untouched. 

The Chair Is Durable

Steel is utilized to provide the structure. The metal is not only known for its strength, but it is also durable. You will get value for money by opting for the chair. PU leather is used, which assures you that the product will remain good even after years of use. It also helps create a classy touch to your space.

It Can Support a Lot of Weight and More Body Sizes

Unlike many products in the market, this gaming chair can support a lot of weight. It has been tried and tested to support at least 330 pounds. Most of the chairs support fewer pounds. In addition to this, it has an extra wide design for large-sized gamers. It is indicative that the manufacturer takes into consideration the fact that all groups of people are thrilled by gaming.

The Warranty Lasts for a Lifetime

This feature differentiates the chair from other products. You are not limited in regards to when you can seek for free repairs and maintenance of the steel frame. Warranty for other parts and upholstery is limited to three years. The long period shows that the manufacturer is confident that the quality of the chair is remarkable.

Different Colors Are Offered

You could choose the red color to echo your sense of boldness and confidence in gaming. Alternatively, you could go for the white color that creates a calming and peaceful gaming environment. Both colors have shades of black to usher in neutrality and class. The aesthetics are also appealing to the end that the product will easily blend in with other furniture in your home or office.

Different Types of Clutch Throttle Series

Clutch allows you to choose from different styles and designs to suit your tastes and preferences. The gaming chairs offered are

Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Echo Premium Gaming Chair

It is white and black in color and features all the clutch delights including 4D armrests, a good ergonomic design, wider seat, a lumbar support pillow and breathable material. With only 469.99 dollars, you can take the product home.

Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition Gaming Chair

This red and black chair is easy to assemble and is adjustable in all conceivable ways. You are assured of maximum comfort as you sit for long gaming hours. More so, it creates an inviting look to your space.

Throttle Series Charlie Premium Gaming Chair

The product comes in black and white color. With higher backrest, you are assured that your neck and spinal cord will remain healthy. The wider and foamed sitting area makes the chair comfortable. You will be thrilled by the ergonomic design since it conforms to your body shape. It is easy to assemble.

Throttle Series Bravo Premium Gaming Chair

It comes in white and black color and just like other clutch chairs, it has a perfect design to match your need for comfort. The 4D armrests, lumbar support pillow and wider seat will suit the needs of all the consumers in the market. You can purchase the product at not more than 469.99 dollars at reputable sites.

The Verdict

The clutch throttle gaming chairs offer you the features that you need as a gamer. From comfort, to flexibility, to support, the chairs will always come through. Choosing the best chair from the designs offered can be difficult since only minor differences are featured. One of the features that you can consider is the color. You could either go for the red or white colors depending on your taste. Besides this, the price of the products can be regarded as high compared to other brands in the market However, the top quality and unique design featured justifies the price.

You will not regret after buying clutch gaming chairs top Clutch Throttle gaming chairs. Proper research will, however, go a long way in helping you to make the right decision from. For more information, go to

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