Scoot Wins SFMTA Approval to Add Electric Kick Scooters in San Francisco

Scoot Networks, the original shared electric mobility company, announced today that it has won approval from the SFMTA to operate electric kick scooters as an addition to its fleet of electric mopeds in San Francisco.

"We are happy to offer San Franciscans another fast, fun, affordable way to get around and we are honored by the City's trust in us to manage this new mode of transportation," said Scoot CEO, Michael Keating.

Scoot is launching kick scooters as part of the company's mission to provide Electric Vehicles for Everyone. With this new vehicle type, Scoot can expand its efforts to provide affordable, fast and fun transportation for people who live in the city where the "last mile" is the only mile.

Scoot's kick scooter is designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by San Francisco's terrain with a powerful 350 watt motor as well as triple redundancy in the braking systems. Scoot's kick scooter will also feature the same style of swappable batteries as the company's electric motor scooters in San Francisco. And Scoot's experienced service team will be on the road 24 hours a day to keep the fleet charged and ready to ride.

Scoot remains committed to collaborating with the SFMTA, neighborhood groups, and business leaders to explore sustainable mobility options that enhance and extend existing transportation systems. Scoot has historically led the way by sharing data and operating pilot programs that lead to reasonable regulations that benefit all of the city's residents.

"Our team doesn't just work in San Francisco. Many of us were born here and live here and care deeply about the city. We are making electric vehicles a bigger part of life in SF, and we are doing it the way a local would," said Bob Walsh, Scoot General Manager for San Francisco.

SOURCE Scoot Networks
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