Dazz-3D Announces the Kickstarter Launch of a Revolutionary New 3D Printer for Professionals and Consumers

The 3D printing industry growth has exploded over recent years, and the technology has developed greatly, yet the costs of high-quality 3D printing have remained out of reach for many years. Today that all changes with the release of the Dazz-3D - The Most Advanced LCD SLA 3D Printer, which has advanced features that makes it easier than ever to achieve detailed, dimensionally accurate and structurally robust models.

To achieve the best quality, Dazz-3D is equipped with 2K HD LCD screen coupled with a Purple 405nm LED lamp to project slices of a 3D model onto the floor of resin container and dual-liner slides for enhanced detail and layer resolution capability is up to 25 microns, XY Resolution is 47μm, and Z resolution is 10μm. Although highly precise, speed is not compromised, the light rate 3.8 times faster than the normal light-cured resin 3D printer. The printing speed is up to 36mm/hr.

Furthermore, Dazz-3D uses a patented air-purification system with fan and activated carbon filter to remove ultra-fine particles and unpleasant fumes for a healthier and more comfortable printing environment. Dazz-3D also addresses another common printer problem by using a unique auto resin system to make resin refills easily and mess-free. A refill is as easy as placing a bottle upside down into the resin bath fill.

"With Dazz-3D our goal was to create an affordable, user-friendly printer with professional level quality. Dazz-3D has incredible accuracy, great printing speed, and excellent model details. On top of that, we added features such as the fan and carbon filter that address health concerns and eliminate fumes, making it a better printer for homes and small spaces." - Jack Chen, CEO & Founder of Dazz-3D.

Lastly, Dazz-3D includes a touchscreen monitor and specialized touch-control software for intuitive 3D printing experience. Simply import a printing file, the Dazz-3D software does the rest. Wi-Fi, cable, or USB driver connection is compatible too.

The Dazz-3D LCD SLA 3D printer is launching on Kickstarter with pre-sales and special deals for early adopters.

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