RootSecure Corporation Emerges From the Acquisition of RootCellar Technologies

Following the successful sale of RootCellar Technologies, RootSecure Corporation emerges as a new addition to the Waterloo Region's technology scene. Dedicated to the development of innovative cybersecurity solutions, RootSecure products fit a very niche area in continuous cyber risk for businesses of any size.

"We're very excited to focus our attention on our cybersecurity product vision," says James Mignacca, RootSecure's CEO. "Leaving the incubation nest provided by RootCellar couldn't have come at a better time. This move enables many new opportunities and better aligns with business partners to support our go to market strategy. We're excited to focus on developing industry-leading solutions and ultimately grow and get recognized as yet another successful technology story in the region.''

RootSecure, based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada has doubled in growth since August 2017. Engaged with co-op programs from both University of Waterloo and Conestoga, RootSecure is proud to become one of the elite few Canadian companies, built, owned, and operated in Canada.

"RootSecure is built on the idea that advanced cybersecurity solutions should be accessible by any size of business," says Ian Hassard, RootSecure's VP of Product and Marketing. "RootSecure is designed to be very powerful, but also simple for any user to get actionable risk information from their network."

RootSecure's team has extensive experience in networking, security, and cloud products. With active sales in both Canada and the United States, RootSecure continues to build innovative cybersecurity solutions that disrupt the status quo.

SOURCE RootSecure

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