WiseChip Will Show In-Cell Touch with Flexible OLED Display at CES ASIA

WiseChip®, (www.wisechip.com.tw), a global leading PMOLED display products provider of PMOLED and services, today announced that it will be highlighting its new In-Cell touch series products during CES Asia 2018, which will take place June 13-15 in Shanghai, China. WiseChip will be exhibiting its OLED display solutions in N2, booth 2033.

Displays, the basic components of electronic devices, have improved daily life in many ways. They can be found anywhere in almost all modern day devices, from industrial, wearable devices, and cars, to the emerging Internet of Things.

In 2017, 433.1 million smart home devices were shipped worldwide, growing 27.6% from the previous year. Looking ahead, IDC anticipates a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.5% as the market balloons to 939.7 million devices shipped in 2022.

To meet the growing demand for new types of smart devices, WiseChip launched the In-Cell Touch display product and has achieved a breakthrough in flexible display type. Benefiting from an enhanced manufacturing process and new technology development, lamination of the touch sensor onto the PMOLED is no longer required as the latter supports the touch function itself. The technique is innovative PMOLED display solutions that can be more quickly developed and have design flexibility, cost-effective integration and easily added functionality for product designers.

Wisechip delivers OLED display modules that can provide the varied and flexibility needed to power the next generation of IoT applications. The PMOLED structure is simple but of marvelous characteristics -- micro-sized, light, ultra-thin, bright and providing wide viewing angles. The great features of PMOLED make it the top solution suitable for industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer electronics products.

SOURCE WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.
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