The LynQ Smart Compass Extends Indiegogo Campaign By Popular Demand After Raising Over $1 Million

Following overwhelming demand and over $1 million in presales, LynQ, a smart compass that locates anyone without the need for phones, networks, subscriptions or infrastructure of any kind, today announced a 30-day extension of its presale campaign at Indiegogo's request. LynQ has agreed to leave the heavily-discounted prices in place for the start of the extension. LynQ's compass-like display allows individuals and groups to see their relative distance and direction from each other to keep them together and works even when all other technologies fail.

Cutting Edge Can Be Simple – How It Works

Everyone's experienced the difficulty of staying together with friends at a music festival where cellular service is nonexistent and maps are useless, being separated on a hike or at a ski slope, or turning around to notice that your child has wandered off. LynQ changes all of that.

Easy-to-use at any age, LynQ can be set up in seconds and is as simple as a one-button user interface that allows you to quickly pair up to 12 devices. A simple click allows users to move between their group members, displaying a user's name, direction arrow and the number of feet/miles to their location. All of which is visible under any conditions thanks to a backlit, sunlight readable screen. Users can also set boundaries for their group, receiving sound, optical and vibration alerts the moment someone leaves a boundary. In addition, a "home base" (i.e. a campsite, car, ski lift or hotel) can be set as an anchor for everyone to find each other.

Following successful field tests across ski schools, theme parks, music festivals and U.S. Government field experiments, LynQ leverages GPS, LoRa, and a custom antenna that are powered by proprietary algorithms and communication protocols to redefine the capabilities of peer-to-peer location tracking. As a result, LynQ has developed the most accurate, reliable, long-distance and long-lasting location tracking technology available.

Endless Use Cases

"LynQ has the ability to fundamentally change the experience of outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, festival goers and parents while helping first responders at a disaster site and caretakers of those with special needs and Alzheimer's to save lives," said Dave Shor, CEO of LynQ. "Although we saw LynQ's wide appeal from the start, the response to our campaign has exceeded our expectations, and following many requests, we are thrilled to be able to extend our early bird prices with Indiegogo for an additional 30 days. After three years of development and robust field tests, we're thrilled to be on the road to delivering LynQ to customers in the fall."

LynQ's endless use cases include:

Child safety – Parents can feel comfort in knowing exactly where their children are while allowing them the freedom to explore.
Off-the-grid activity – Adventure seekers no longer worry about phone signal, maps or phone battery life.
Special needs and Alzheimer's care – Caretakers and family members can monitor their patients or loved ones that are at risk to wander.
Public events – From music festivals to sporting events, networks are often overloaded, eliminating cell signal, while maps are useless in crowds and without landmarks.
Disaster response, Military search and rescue – At times when infrastructure is destroyed or when a solider is unable to respond, LynQ has the ability to save lives. In a joint U.S. and Thai government field experiment, use of LynQ resulted in a 61% reduction in the time spent locating wounded or unconscious soldiers.
Pets – Keeping tabs on pets during hikes or animals in open fields has never been simpler.

Availability & Full Tech Specs

LynQ can withstand any situation with a design and features that include:
Size – Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 1" Weight: 73g
Long range and long lasting – Range of up to three miles and up to three days of mixed use on one charge.
Real-time tracking – Display shows the distance and direction of up to 12 people in a group at all times.
Durability – The military-tested device is designed to withstand any climate or situation with its weatherproof and waterproof durability.
Multi-wear – Includes rugged carabiner clip that can snap onto clothing or gear and can be slipped into a pocket, pack or pouch.
International – Works anywhere in the world without phones, infrastructure or subscriptions.

LynQ's pre-order campaign has been extended on until mid-July and will begin shipping in fall 2018. The extended campaign pre-order pricing starts at $174 for a 2-pack. For more information, please visit: or

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