The Blockchain Internet Entrance Built by IDCG - IDC Wallet

IDC Wallet (IDCW) is the builder of complete application ecosystem of the blockchain 3.0 era – the data entrance of newly built blockchain internet by IDCG.

IDC Wallet has advanced beyond the basic attributions, such as storage and pay/receive of normal digital wallets by adopting BIP39 protocol to achieve de-centralization and thus provide maximum security for our users' privacy and digital property; Using mnemonic as the only identification method, users no longer need to upload their cell phone/Email and password as the login method as traditional digital wallets do. Compared to other digital wallets, IDC Wallet is safer and more convenient in multi-property managing while providing better privacy.

IDC Wallet is one of the first DApp that support de-centralized cross public chain (the ones that supports EOS, NEO, Ethereum, BTC and other consensus public chains) based on DPOS mechanism. As a blockchain internet entrance, IDC Wallet solved the headache that is managing peoples' digital properties across multiple platforms through technology and innovation. By supporting cross chain digital currencies and allowing their storing and receiving, IDC Wallet provides a professional de-centralized trading service and related products for global investors.

Swap!t, invented by IDC Wallet, supports C2C trading including BTC, ETH, VHKD, LTC and many other altcoins. Users can login their IDC Wallet (IDCW) account and make a timely trade via Swap!t to avoid losses during unstable periods.

IDC Wallet will be the DApp that make way into the blockchain world. IDC Wallet Dapp utilizes a high performance blockchain consensus mechanism, supports up to million trading request per second, makes happen of trading between digital currency and fiat, provides the sole warrant map for physical properties. Through IDC Wallet, users can have a one-stop global finance managing, crypto gaming, warrants, shopping, communities, communication and many other activities in the blockchain world, and is the first ever de-centralized platform that provides applications in all aspects for digital properties.


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