New Clear2O RV & MARINE Water Filter Invites You to GO GREEN & DRINK CLEAN While on the Road

Summer is here! And, it's time for people of all ages to embark on adventures across the open road! Experience-craving millennials and baby boomers alike are fueling an unprecedented rise in recreational vehicle sales. Those who enjoy discovering new sites while RV'ing know how unpleasant campground water can put a damper on their journey.

When camping, water is necessary for drinking, rinsing, and showering – it's a vital source of our existence. Sadly, travelers of all ages know that campsite water is often unpleasant and unfit for drinking. That's why Applica Water Products LLC has launched its all-new Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter. Before you rev-up the RV for a tour of your favorite campgrounds this summer, be sure to pack it for a guaranteed way to GO GREEN & DRINK CLEAN™!

"My family loves weekend trips in our RV, now we want to share our great-tasting, fresh water with others on the road," said Keith Bernard, President of Clear2O®. When on the road, most people buy bottled water. Between the high costs, time taken for trips to the store, heavy lifting involved, and effects on the environment, the Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter offers a better way for campers.

Other camping filters are only rated to block impurities above 100 microns. The Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter sets itself apart by removing contaminants down to 1 micron. The secret is an advanced carbon block filtering system that blocks and absorbs harmful contaminants, including chlorine and lead, also eliminating the unpleasant sulfur taste and odor often found in campground water. "We are excited to be launching our proprietary solid carbon block GO GREEN filter into the RV market," said Bernard.

Bottled water is now a thing of the past! All it takes is a fresh water hose connection and the Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter cleans 100% of the water flowing to your RV or boat. "At Clear2O®, our commitment is to deliver performance and results to our customers, and our slogan Go Green & Drink Clean is easily demonstrated with the bright green filter," Bernard added.

The Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filterhas been independently tested to meet and exceed water quality industry standards for reduction of chlorine, lead, volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as benzene and trihalomethanes, and other harmful contaminants. The solid carbon block technology also reduces herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial wastes, and perfluorooctanoic acids (PFOA's) from your water. Each filter will last up to six months depending on use.

The Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filterwill soon be available to purchase online at and on Amazon, with plans to reach other leading online and RV dealers.

For further information about the Clear2O® line of products, visit, contact Keith Bernard at (954) 228-0565, email, or connect on social media:


SOURCE Applica Water Products LLC

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