GRACEDBYGRIT has been acquired by HYLETE

GRACEDBYGRIT, since being founded in 2013, has generated over $3.5 million in lifetime revenues, selling to more than 25,000 customers. That compares with HYLETE's forecast of $13 million plus in sales this year and over 120,000 customers. "GRACEDBYGRIT has been built on the same culture and values as HYLETE, which makes it a natural fit, and as a female-driven brand provides tremendous amount of exciting opportunities," said Ron Wilson, CEO and co-founder.

"GRACEDBYGRIT is a perfect complement for HYLETE," commented co-founder of GRACEDBYGRIT, Kate Nowlan. "We were looking for a partner that has a powerful vision and creates exceptional, innovative product: we found it in our own backyard."

"GRACEDBYGRIT has an incredibly loyal and engaged community of women who know the power of inclusion and authenticity. We are ecstatic to bring a strong female narrative to the HYLETE brand," said Kate, who will join HYLETE as VP of Brand Experience.

"One of the most powerful drivers that made this deal so appealing was the fact that GRACEDBYGRIT started the non-profit, GRITTYGIRLS. We envision the message of this foundation to be the golden thread that ties together the true spirit of what we want our female line to embody," said Ron Wilson, CEO and co-founder of HYLETE.

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