Brandon Frere on the Illusion of Busyness and How to Measure Progress in a Business

The success of a business depends on the achievements of those who work there. Employees must stay productive in order to complete tasks that keep the business running. However, business leaders should be cognizant of the difference between measurable progress and the appearance of busyness. Brandon Frere, CEO of Frere Enterprises and a successful entrepreneur, relies on data when examining production and progress in his companies.

"I try to keep my employees busy with work that will benefit the company and push them to exceed their professional goals," said Frere. "But it's important to make sure that those goals are being met and the best way to do that is through data."

Society today stresses the importance of staying busy, but business leaders should remember that busyness doesn't necessarily equate to success. For example, staying too busy can actually lower production and it may also cause mistakes and burnout, which can negatively affect production.

Instead, Frere suggests that business leaders measure progress in a company based on concrete metrics. Employees who are up for a promotion should have a proven track record of completing tasks that are important for the business. Instead of merely noticing that they look busy all the time, a system to track projects they are working on can help inform the decision to promote them based on real data.

Similarly, a busy office overall may suggest that a business is growing, but it could also simply show that the current workforce can barely keep up the minimum workload.

"Businesses that use real data for marketing often see results and can make future marketing choices based on those results," said Brandon Frere. "The same is true for what goes on in the office. Knowing how many projects are finished each month can influence choices on next steps for the business and individuals in the workforce."

SOURCE Frere Enterprises
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