Memory Testers for DDR4 Now Available

INNOVENTIONS, Inc., the leading manufacturer of portable computer memory testers, is now shipping the RAMCHECK LX DDR4 and the RAMCHECK LX DDR4 Pro for testing and identifying industry standard DDR4 ECC and non-ECC SDRAM modules.

"DDR4 memory is now the standard for servers and PCs," said Dr. David Y. Feinstein, President of INNOVENTIONS. "With these new RAMCHECK LX memory testers, data centers, memory dealers and repair techs have a great tool to test and identify DDR4 DIMMs quickly and reliably. Considering the price of these big server DIMMs, the RAMCHECK LX pays for itself pretty quickly."

Both the RAMCHECK LX DDR4 (p/n INN-8686-DDR4) and DDR4 Pro tester (p/n INN-8686-DDR4-PRO) test and identify JEDEC-compliant registered and unbuffered DDR4 DIMMs. No special setup is required. The RAMCHECK LX DDR4 includes a complimentary 288-pin test head featuring a high-quality production socket, while the RAMCHECK LX DDR4 Pro includes a rugged 288-pin Low Insertion Force (LIF) socket for high-volume testing. Test heads for SO-DIMM are under development and will be available soon.

During each test, the memory module's size, structure, and type are automatically detected. RAMCHECK LX quickly spots bad memory chips and alerts the user with a warning tone and visual signal. The Basic Test for a 32GB DIMM is less than 3 minutes while the test for 8GB DIMM is about 40 seconds.

The RAMCHECK LX DDR4 tester is available for $2495.00. The DDR4 Pro tester is $3850.00. For more information, call INNOVENTIONS at 1-281-879-6226, email, or visit .

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