No Longer Tangled Up and Blue: ZIPPEAR Launches an Innovative Earphone Accessory to Prevent Earphone Cords From Becoming Entangled

Created to help music lovers everywhere avoid frustrating earphone entanglements, a new product, ZIPPEAR, employs the power of magnets to prevent earphone cords from becoming tangled and knotted and to remain stylish and nicely bundled when put away.

It's an irritation anyone who has ever used earphones knows all too well -- the struggle, not to mention embarrassment, of trying to untangle cords in public once you retrieve them from your pocket or backpack. Some people even give up and use their earphones as a bundle of tangled cord.

Finding a solution to this problem so inspired mechanical engineer Gal Avivi that he developed ZIPPEAR specifically to eliminate this vexing occurrence. ZIPPEAR is innovative in its simplicity as an earphone accessory kit consisting of 10 small plastic clips that clip on your favorite pair of earphones, each clip contains a small but powerful magnet. The clips strategically and mechanically connect your earphones in a fashionable and easy to access loop that will never allow the cords to become tangled.

"I commute to work on a train every day, and as a music lover I use my earphones a lot, so I grew tired of having to untangle the cords each time I take them out of my bag," said Avivi, inventor of ZIPPEAR. "So, I thought why not use clips that will attach to the cord with holes, then I'll run some thread through the holes so when the thread is pulled the earphone cords will collapse into a bundle. It's a nice idea...but what to do with the loose thread now? And then it hit me. I'll use a 'virtual thread' -- MAGNETS!"

ZIPPEAR benefits include:

Fast and Easy Pull to Open: The magnets are secure, but separate and snap open your earphones in a flash.
Simple and Stylish Fold Up: Put away your earphone with simple folding as the magnets automatically snap together to facilitate the process.
No More Tangled Cords: Never worry about headphone cords getting tangled up when you're not using them.
Stay Stylish and Cool: Keep your earphones stylish using ZIPPEAR, no more hanging off your neck or out of your products.
Economic Solution to an Everyday Problem: ZIPPEAR is affordable and effective and can prevent so many frustrating moments.
Shape when used: ZIPPEAR enables you to adjust both the length and the shape of the free cord.
Carry on clip: ZIPPEAR also comes with a magnetic carry-on clip that can be attached to your keychain, backpack, etc. to enable more cool ways to use your favorite earphones.

Avivi is a mechanical engineer, a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Since he was 12, Avivi has been reading mechanical engineering books and inventing. He has more than two decades of R&D experience in the design and technical/project management sectors in different high-tech industries and companies both nationally and internationally.

ZIPPEAR has launched an Indiegogo campaign,, to spread awareness about their product among consumers and the investment community.


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