Lorex Launches New CAT6 Underground 10Gbps Cable

Lorex Technology – a leader in small business and consumer security systems based in Canada – has just released a new outdoor, underground CAT6 cable. This new CAT6 cable has drastic improvements over older CAT5/CAT5e models, including faster transfer speed capabilities, weather shielded cable jackets and is CMR Riser rated.

The Lorex CAT6 outdoor extension cable is able to transfer up to 10Gbps at a distance of 180ft/55m, versus the previous 1Gbps limit for CAT5e cables. This additional speed is due to an increase in frequency. CAT6 cables have higher frequency rates at 250Mhz per second. This translates into 250 million cycles per second, meaning that data is transmitted 2x faster than older cable models. The increase in transfer speed doesn't increase crosstalk, as the twisted cable design and stronger shielding greatly reduces interference from other electromagnetic signals.

The specially designed wiring of the CAT6 cable are made to be run underground or outside. The electrical wires in the cable are covered in a protective, UV-treated thermoplastic casing that is designed to withstand the elements and is sealed against direct exposure to soil and moisture.

While many older American homes have overhead cables connected to utility grids, running the cable underground is much more advantageous. Overhead cables are more susceptible to damage from natural elements, falling tree branches and ladders. By running the CAT6 cable underground, there's no need to worry about exposed cables or weather degradation over time. The cable is also fire-resistant and passed a vertical burn test, ensuring flames should not travel more than 8ft along the cable.

The Lorex CAT6 cables have been approved by the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electric Code (CEC), which mean they are CMR Riser rated and be safely placed throughout walls and ceilings. The CAT6 cable can also be strung through non-plenum areas – spaces that have air circulation for heating and air conditioning units. Furthermore, CAT6 cables do not need a conduit for underground burial but need to be buried at least 24ft. Overhead running cables should be placed at least 10ft high.

About Lorex Technology:
Lorex Technology provides businesses and consumers with professional-grade DIY video surveillance systems and plug and play wireless video monitoring solutions. For more information, visit LorexTechnology.com.

SOURCE LOREX Technology Inc.
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