The GlobalREBitcoin ICO is Now Open

GRB Capital Corp Ltd. announces the official opening, with immediate effect, of its Initial Coin Offering of GlobalREBitcoin, a cryptocurrency token backed by commercial real estate assets.

GRB Capital Corp Ltd. is pleased to announce that the GlobalREBitcoin ICO crowdsale is now open at It is open to participants worldwide, other than citizens and residents of the US, and residents of Canada and the commonwealth of Bahamas.

The company's strategy is to create a diversified asset pool of carefully curated, high-yield investment properties. These will be malls, multi-tenanted business parks, industrial buildings, multi-unit residential apartments and urban centre development projects. Investors will receive returns through the Company's token repurchase on the open market.

GRB is designed to be a stable cryptocurrency with a defined asset-backing and given that the minimum value of GRBs is pegged to the net asset value of premium Canadian real estate, it creates a natural hedge against inflation.


As part of the ICO, participants in the crowdsale will have a 15 percent discount on their purchase value in the first 30 days, 10 percent in the next 30 days, and 5 percent in the following 30 days.

About Canadian real estate

Canadian real estate is enjoying a strong surge in popularity amongst domestic and international investors. For instance, land prices in some parts of Toronto have nearly tripled in the last five years. As GlobalREBitcoin tokens (GRB) are divisible to 18 decimal places, participants worldwide can buy into the GRB asset pool with large or even micro-investments of just tens of dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

About GRB

Cryptocurrencies are seen as too volatile and lacking tangible value, leaving many investors to limit their exposure. The GlobalREBitcoin team, under GRB Capital Corp Ltd., is composed of lawyers, finance professionals, property developers, agents, and technologists, with over 30 years of real estate experience, and is addressing this through the launch of GRB as a real estate asset-backed coin on the globally available Ethereum Blockchain.

"The real estate acquisition strategy is to create a diversified asset pool of carefully curated, high-yield multi-unit residential and commercial properties," says Ali Baniasadi, legal advisor to GRB Capital Corp Ltd. "The Company is targeting organic growth in Canadian rental rates and property appreciation, the trajectory of which is likely to continue to be stratospheric."

"The value of this type of investment vehicle lies in that in addition to regular returns and asset appreciation, it is a natural hedge against inflation. What better asset to put on the blockchain worldwide?" says Hari Balaraman, president of GRB Capital Corp Ltd. and a co-creator of GRB.

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