Max Pump 2 - the World's Most Powerful Portable Air Pump Launches on Kickstarter Today

Max Pump is back! Building upon the success of its previous version, the team at Flextail Gear, makes Max Pump 2 lighter, more powerful, and smaller than a soda can. Max Pump packs the latest technology into a lightweight air pump for camping, recreation, household and sporting activities.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it is a lightweight, waterproof, backpacking companion and camping solution that lets users save their breath and concentrate on fun. At only 160 grams, and its high-capacity 3600mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it provides over 60 minutes of use – enough to inflate 50 swimming rings, or ten airbeds, plus 20 vacuum bags. With an optimized vortex structure and an inflation pressure of 2100PA, the Max Pump 2 improves performance on its previous version by 20 percent.

The new improvements make Max Pump 2 even more versatile. With greater inflation/deflation power, it is the perfect choice for household uses as well. Its high capacity output and greater pressure can handle the biggest air beds and includes several external fittings designed for vacuum storage bags which create space savings of up to 50 percent for clothing and soft items around the home.

It's also a reliable backup power source for phones and other mobile digital devices, making it a great travel companion that helps users stay powered up and ready to move.

The team at Flextail Gear has years of experience in pump design as well as a mature customer service group that knows how to successfully deliver on Kickstarter pledges as well as providing helpful after-sales service.

Max Pump 2 just launched with special pricing and incentives on Kickstarter to reward early supporters with prices starting at $21 USD.

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SOURCE Flextail Gear

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