Casio Announces New Application for the V-R200 Android Terminal

Casio America, Inc.  announced their new application, CHAPP (Casio Hospitality Application), which was previously released on the V-R7000 15.6" Android terminal. Casio's original application was designed for the quick service and retail industries, but the CHAPP application, which is now available on the V-R200, (Casio's All-In-One 10.4" Android terminal), expands the functionality of the V-R200 into table service operations.

"Innovation is a pillar of our core values at Casio and we are excited that the already popular V-R200 is now more powerful and feature-rich, with the new CHAPP software," said Lawrence W. Sampey, General Manager of Casio's Systems Products Division. "CHAPP will open up more avenues for our dealers and give them the functionality to meet their business demands."

The V-R200 POS terminal operates on flash ROM technology and provides the flexibility and security of the Android platform, without the hassle of expensive and unreliable hard drives or noisy cooling fans. The V-R200's hardware configuration offers a 10.4" adjustable color touch screen, a built-in thermal printer (80mm/58mm sized paper), RS232C ports and an Ethernet port along with a swivel 2 X 20 customer display.

The CHAPP application functionality on the V-R200 includes drive-thru operation, the ability to store phone orders by name or number, graphical table maps, splitting, adding, transferring of checks, comprehensive modifier management, time and attendance and a new graphical looking keyboard design among many other features. The V-R200 is a professionally sold product that is a viable solution to offset the many tablet solutions currently available in the marketplace.

Additionally, the CHAPP application gives the V-R200 the ability to use the CMO (Casio Mobile Order) interface, so businesses can use Android tablets for table ordering. The CHAPP application also offers a new functionality on the V-R200 allowing it interface to the Casio Cloud giving business owners the ability to see sales activities at their locations in real-time and control program changes from a central source.

The V-R200's sleek and compact design lends itself to small and medium-sized businesses in quick service, cafeterias, concessions, cafes, table service and retail operations. The CHAPP software running on both the V-R200's and V-R7000's (Casio's 15.6" Android terminal) allows the different hardware platforms to be intermixed in the same network for applications at locations that have smaller menus and don't require large screens.

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