An Excellent Alternative for iOS Devices Transferring

IOTransfer is an excellent alternative for Apple transferring, a utility sly that does management of virtual devices painless. This iTunes alternative is a great way to transfer media files between your Windows computer and other iOS devices.

Most Management Apps are usually difficult to work with. IOTransfer is a pleasant surprised iPhone manager, and it is a program that would undoubtedly serve your purposes as a way to transfer multimedia contents between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and your computer. Once it has been downloaded and installed it merely is wonderfully.

After automatically detecting the device connected, you will see all your media divided into groups on the left side of the screen. This makes browsing incredibly comfortable, and I like the overall design of IOTransfer.

Main Features

IOTransfer includes many features to make it an excellent alternative to the popular iTunes software.

Download and back up your critical data

There is nothing as agonizing as losing your data and realizing that you never backed up anything. In addition to the transfer of photos, videos, and music, IOTransfer also allows you to transfer books, voice notes, contacts and podcasts from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC right way. 


For those who think that access to the iOS device is complicated, IOTransfer has solved their problems. Now it's easy to transfer data if you're changing your device to or from the iPhone/iPad. The ease of use and direct transferring feature make IOTransfer more precious than iTunes.

Safe iOS clean and video downloading tool

In addition to iOS file transferring and management, there is Safe clean tool, which will help scan the connected iOS devices to remove useless junk files to save space. And Online Video Downloader tool supports freely downloading videos from online services like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

The pro version

It is available for download from your site for free, but only for a limited period. You can take the software to a test drive, but you cannot take advantage of all the features without paying an annual subscription.

For now, a one-year fee for a computer and a year will cost $ 24.99, and a family license for three computers and a year will cost $ 29.95.

In general, IOTransfer is a great alternative to iTunes if you're trying to support your iPad and iPhone on your computer, as well as transfer media files between your computer and your mobile device.

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