Pinterest adds custom QR-like codes for businesses, more shoppable pins

Pinterest launches Lens Your Look fashion search feature, which allows you to add a photo to any text query, and adds QR “pincodes” for easier sharing

Pinterest: Today we’re introducing Lens Your Look, a new way to find outfit ideas inspired by your wardrobe, and the next big step for Pinterest Lens. Lens Your Look lets you add a photo of an item from your closet to your text search so you get the best ideas to try yourself. This means you can search in whatever way makes sense for what you’re looking for, whether you have the words or an image to describe it.

So if you’re looking for new ways to wear your favorite fall staple—say a jean jacket—you can add a photo of your exact jacket to your search to find Autumn outfit ideas that go right with your denim.

By mixing and matching ways to search for ideas to try on Pinterest, Lens Your Look transforms your phone into your own personal stylist. It feels more like a conversation—from “Let me show you a photo of what I’m talking about” to “What if you tried it with a hat?”—until you find exactly the looks you want to try.

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