Nvidia targets China with hardware and unveils software to slash AI costs

Nvidia unveils AI acceleration software, partners with server makers Huawei and Lenovo, and cloud providers Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent in China push

Metropolis, our platform for building AI smart cities, has added Alibaba and Huawei as new partners, and now includes the NVIDIA DeepStream software development kit in general availability.

Alibaba and Huawei join more than 50 of the world’s leading companies already using NVIDIA Metropolis. Together, we’re taking advantage of the more than 1 billion video cameras that will be in our cities by the year 2020 to solve a dizzying array of problems.

Our DeepStream SDK simplifies the development of scalable intelligent video analytics powered by deep learning for AI cities and hyperscale data centers. Developers can use DeepStream to process, understand and categorize video frames in real time and meet the most demanding throughput and latency requirements.

Unveiled in May, Metropolis is an edge-to-cloud video platform that includes tools, technologies and support to build smarter, faster AI-powered applications for everything from traffic and parking management to law enforcement and city services.

NVIDIA is expanding its Deep Learning Institute initiative in China by partnering with Tencent and Leadtek to provide hands-on AI training to developers, researchers and data scientists.

The partnerships were announced at GTC China, in Beijing, where more than 3,500 developers, corporate executives and entrepreneurs are gathered to discover how GPU technologies are creating breakthroughs in AI, intelligent machines and self-driving cars.

DLI courses will take advantage of powerful NVIDIA GPUs in the Tencent cloud, and the companies will collaborate to develop new training in emerging areas of AI research. Leadtek’s DLI-certified instructors will deliver hands-on AI training in public and private workshops across China.

AI is sweeping across the technology landscape, and deep learning expertise is becoming a must-have skill in a growing number of fields. Alongside this trend, the Deep Learning Institute has grown rapidly — with tens of thousands of individuals taking courses — pointing to the enormous demand for hands-on training that can be immediately put to use.

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