How to improve your employee engagement

How the cloud can create a more engaged workforce

Creating an engaged workplace is crucial for increasing productivity and motivation among your employees. If you want your staff to feel valued and bring passion and enthusiasm to their job, then it’s important to ensure that they are stimulated whilst at work. However, the problem a lot of businesses have with engagement is not why they should be engaging their employees, but rather how they should be engaging their employees.

The use of intranet software within businesses risen significantly in recent times, and this has a lot to do with employee engagement. Modern day intranets come with a variety of tools that can prove very useful in a variety of workplace environments.

Below is a list of ways that you can use cloud-based software internally to improve your current processes and increase employee engagement as a result. This includes insights from industry expert Sukh Ryatt, the Managing director of Oak, and some of the actual methods that successful businesses use day to day.

Getting Social

Social Media’s prevalence in our lives has grown exponentially over the past decade and it’s only set to get even bigger as time goes on. Although allowing your staff to use social media throughout the day may not be the best move for productivity, introducing a platform into the workplace that allows employees to freely converse with each other will encourage positive interaction and idea sharing, which will subsequently lead to increased efficiency.

Utility Warehouse, a provider of energy, broadband, and telephony services, use intranet software that they have branded ‘Babble’. This software is “primarily focused on social interaction” which they say has led to the creation of various strong online communities within their workforce. Babble is also used to publish company news items and announcements.


Disorganisation leads to stress, and stressed staff are rarely happy staff, so introducing a system that promotes organisation is crucial to the engagement of your employees. Many intranets have features such as notice boards and task trackers which give employees the ability to organise their time effectively and create reminders to ensure that nothing slips through the net. Not only will this lead to improved engagement, but it will also serve to maximise efficiency.

Improved Convenience

With the right tools, a company intranet can be made massively convenient for your workforce. Employees will be almost guaranteed to use the system if they can perform tasks such as notifying you of absences, requesting holidays, and viewing their payslips all in one place, from any device, wherever they are.

This is fast becoming an emerging trend with internal intranets. David Pinches tells us that most of Oak’s clients have started to use the platform to manage their absences and holidays because of how helpful it is for their HR and Payroll calculations. Thus, proving its usefulness for both employers and employees alike.

Quality intranet software could be an invaluable asset to your company if you use it well. There is a lot of potential for increased engagement, so if you persist with it and make sure it’s as useful and convenient as possible for your employees, then it is almost guaranteed to be a success.

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