How the Weight Watchers App Can Help You

If there ever was a great time to lose weight, that time would be today. Technology has rewarded modern weight watchers with the tools they need to turn the usually dogged weight loss journey into a more fun and fulfilling pursuit.

Armed with your smartphone, a few of your favorite workout tracks, and a couple of amazing workout apps, you will need little in the way of motivation to get off your seat and work towards melting those excess pounds.

Here is a shocking statistic—about 30% of the people in America are obese; that means a lot larger number of people need to lose weight as a matter of necessity. That is because such people have chronic illnesses like heart attack, diabetes, and a whole litany of health conditions looking to catch up with their sedentary unhealthy lives.

The Weight Watchers App

Long before the Weight Watchers app came along, Weight Watchers was a well-established weight management company known for its effectiveness and 1 month free membership. As a matter of fact, this organization has been around for more than 5 decades! The features and capabilities packed into this app are just as impressive.

Weight Watchers is an app that makes benefiting from this great company more effective than ever. The app will let you track your food intake, weight, as well as activity level. Below is a more detailed breakdown of what the Weight Watchers app can do for you.

What this App has to Offer—The Good

Success Stories

The first obvious benefit to using this app is that it has made a lot of weight watchers very happy. You just have to look at the many success stories that are being reported everyday by the people who have used this app and lost their excess weight.

It Looks Good

The app, available to both Android and iPhone users, looks good as well. Clearly, lots of thought went into making the interface appealing and easy to use. Since many of these apps require to offer a high level of user-friendliness so that they don’t take the momentum off your workouts, this is actually a huge plus.

Great Recipes

You should not struggle with the decisions regarding what to eat when using the Weight Watchers app either. You will find plenty of great recipes that will help you formulate a healthy diet that should make your journey towards a healthier weight that much faster.

Recipe options will cover the needs of vegetarians, diabetics, lactose intolerant people, and practically any other special diet needs you might have. In short, all weight watchers are more than welcome to give this app a try.

Access to Over 30,000 Foods

The app also grants you access to more than 30 thousand foods. As if that does not cut it, you will even have a chance to add your own meals, and the app will step in and help you determine how many calories such foods have so that they can be worked into the inbuilt point-system.

This is made easier by the fact that you can easily scan your food’s bar code and the app will assign points to it based on how good or bad it is to someone seeking to shed some weight.

You Can Stay Motivated

The motivational element is also big for users of this app. Once you are a member, you can get access to a larger community of users. You can share your weight loss conquests, however large or small, with the Weight Watchers community.

The Bad

No doubt about it – Weight Watchers is a brilliant weight loss app. But only if you are a subscriber. You see, to enjoy all the premium features in this app, you will have to pay up. This can cost you more than $200 a year in monthly subscriptions. Considering the number of decent free weight loss apps out there, this is anything but good news.

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