4Inkjets Coupons: A New Way to Save Money on Printer Ink

Have you ever thought why printer ink is so expensive? Sure, ink technology is expensive, but it doesn’t justify the unreasonably high cost. Think about this: ink is more expensive than human blood! Why is that? The answer is simple. Printer manufacturers do not make any profit from the printers they sell. In fact, they may even lose money. Therefore, they price ink so high in order to make up for the loss they have from the printers.

So, you want to print a photo and you are concerned about the ink you will spend. How do you get ink at half the cost without sacrificing quality? Enter re-manufactured ink. Also known as refurbished ink, this type of ink has made it possible to buy printer ink at low cost.

You can find re-manufactured ink in a number of online stores, including Amazon, 123inkjets, Staples, and TomatoInk. But according to PCWorld, one of the most reliable sources is 4inkjets.com.

4inkjetscom—A Trusted Source for Inkjet and Laser Printing Supplies

Their warehouse facilities and customer service call center are located in Long Beach, California. They were founded in 1999. 4inkjets.com offers high quality printing supplies at the lowest prices possible.

What is 4inkjets.com’s shipping policy?

In the “lower 48”, or the contiguous United States, orders over $50 ship for free. Orders under $50 are charged a shipping fee of $4.95. Orders to other places depend on the weight of the package. Orders going to Canada take much longer due to the Customs Inspections that packages must go through.

Now, before you buy a refurbished ink cartridge, it may be helpful to know the following:

What is High-Yield vs. Standard-Yield Cartridges?

Standard-yield and high-yield relate to the number of pages that a cartridge will print. When it comes to best value for the money, though it may cost a little more up front, a high-yield cartridge is a much better cost per page ratio.

What Is The Difference Between An OEM Cartridge And One That Has Been Remanufactured, Also Known as Compatible?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and is a cartridge that comes directly from the manufacturer, brand new. A remanufactured one is one that has been used once already. A remanufactured cartridge has been cleaned, repaired (if necessary), and refilled with new ink. The cartridges are then tested before they are made available to the customer.

Compatible cartridges are brand new and made to fit a specific printer brand and model. It is exactly the same as the OEM. The only difference is that compatible cartridges have their own unique brand and design which has nothing to do with the manufacturer of the printer.

The price is the biggest difference between OEM and compatible cartridges. Cartridges from remanufacturers like 4inkjets.com are 100% quality guaranteed and are much less expensive. Also, remanufactured cartridges are much better for the environment because they are recycled and therefore they reduce the plastic that ends up in the landfills.

Why are Remanufactured Cartridges Less Expensive Than OEM?

Due to recycling, less money is spent in the production process of the remanufactured cartridges, so they are able to pass on that savings to the customer. The cleaning, repairing, and refilling process of the remanufacturing process is much less expensive than creating a brand new cartridge. To the contrary, as mentioned, the OEM companies have to price their ink high in order to offset the loss of their underpriced printers.

Discount Codes for 4inkjets.com

Recently, 4inkjets has issued coupon codes to help consumers enjoy bigger savings on printer ink. The coupon code 4INKJETS will save you 10%.

4inkjets.com always offers free shipping on orders for $50 or more, and orders under $50 are charged a shipping fee of $4.95. From time to time, discounts or sales will be offered on 4inkjets.com on their already low prices.

You can do a search online and find many discount coupon codes available, from a percentage off to a percentage off and discounted or free shipping.

To have coupons automatically sent to your email box, join their mailing list and you’ll always be among the first to know what sales are going on and when. You can also interact with 4inkjets.com on social media to receive exclusive sales and discounts.

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