Things You Need to Work from Hotel Room

As you know hotel room is not the place where we can work properly. Also, if you are a student and going to live in a hotel room so that you can continue your study from another city. You will definitely face some problems because living away from home is not that easy.

Thanks to the technology that there are some important gadgets which can help us to work properly even from a hotel room. Even students should keep these gadgets with them so that they can easily complete their assignments, can attend class on time and can also enjoy in free time.

So here are some important gadgets that you should keep with yourself in order to live in a hotel room.

1. WIFI router


The Internet is the most important thing these days. Its look like that a man can live without food but can't live without the internet. Most of the hotel also provide internet in their services but the problem is they provide cable internet. Usually, their length of the cable is not so much that you can cover your whole room area.

So, you have to be stick with the cable all the day and you can not use any other devices which don't have an ethernet port.I mean you can not use the internet on your phone, laptops, IPads etc.

To overcome this problem you can keep an extra wifi router with you this is how you will have access to the internet on all of your devices and also you can move freely in your room.There is not any need to go for expensive routers, you can have a cheap router which will fulfill your needs or either you can buy a second-hand router as well.

2.Universal Adapter


This is a natural thing that whenever we are going away from home we try our best to have as few things as we can carry.But if we have 2 or 3 devices which need charging, then we have to keep 2 or 3 different chargers with us so that we can charge those devices on time.

This will increase bundle of wires in your bag which will definitely look shabby.SO the simple solution is we should have a universal adapter which can charge more than once devices at a time and also have many ports for different charging devices.



If you are going to live alone in a hotel room then there is not any need for headphones because you can watch movies loudly. But what if you have 2 or 3 more roommates as well or what if your hotel is in a crowded area where the noise of traffic is a common thing. Definitely, in such cases, you can not watch movies or can not have an online call with your friends, family etc.

So don't forget to keep your headphones with yourself while going on a journey.This is how your privacy will remain secure and you can easily talk with your friends or watch your favorite movies without disturbing others.

If you have old headphones then try to upgrade them and buy comfy headphones with top-notch sound.There is not any need for expensive earbuds or headphones you can also buy some quality cheap earbuds in the affordable range of price. Here is a recommended list of best earbuds under 50 from

4. Extension board


Extension board is the must have gadgets while going to live in a hotel room. This is because most of the rooms have only a few sockets for plugging in your devices. Also, usually sockets are always away from the bed so every time you have to go there for plugging in a new device.

These problems can be resolved by using extension board. So, whenever you are playing games on your mobile at night or want to send an important email to someone else and suddenly a battery low warning displays on screens, you can quickly put your device on charging by laying there with the help of extension board.

5.Alarm clock


There is a famous saying that if a function is a primary function of one device and secondary function of another device, then the device which has that function as a primary function will have better performance as compared to another one.

Although mobile phones have an option for the alarm clock but this is their secondary function, also you need to set alarm every night on mobile phones before sleeping. While on the other hand alarm clock will always ring at the same time.

It's not that easy for a student to wake up early in the morning and attend class, so only one alarm can not work for them. Therefore a separate alarm clock can help them to wake up early in the morning and attend their first class.

Same is the case with businessman, if they have meeting on very next day then they need to set the alarm so that they can reach there on time and hit the ground with their ultimate skills.

6. Power bank

Power bank work as a secondary charger for your devices. If you are just going to attend the meeting and suddenly remember that you have not charged your device then power bank can help you in that case.

So always keep a power bank with yourself even if you are going to travel.


These are some primary tools or gadgets that you should keep with yourself whenever you are going to live in a hotel room. Let us know if you have any other important gadget in your mind which can also be helpful while living in a hotel room, by using following comment box.

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