Facebook cracks down on 30,000 fake accounts in France

Facebook rolling out tech changes using patterns to find fake accounts that can spread misinformation, malware, and falsely boost page rankings

People come to Facebook to make meaningful connections. From the beginning, we’ve believed that can only be possible if the interactions here are authentic – and if people use the names they're known by. We’ve found that when people represent themselves on Facebook the same way they do in real life, they act responsibly. Fake accounts don’t follow this pattern, and are closely related to the creation and spread of spam. That’s why we’re so focused on keeping these inauthentic accounts and their activity off our platform.
Protecting authenticity is an ongoing challenge – one that requires vigilance and commitment. Staying ahead of those who try to misuse our service is a constant effort led by our security and integrity teams, and we know this work will never be done. We build and update technical systems every day to make it easier to respond to reports of abuse, detect and remove spam, identify and eliminate fake accounts, and prevent accounts from being compromised. This work also reduces the distribution of content that violates our policies as well as other deceptive material, such as false news, hoaxes, and misinformation.

Image credit. Yahoo

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