Suprella - Umbrella that opens upside down and has nano coating

An umbrella which opens upside down, so you don’t suffer wet moments anymore. Suprella is sealed with a special high tech nano coating - rain is just rolling off. You and your suprella stay dry on every occasion!


Storm Resistant
The Suprella is twice as strong as a normal umbrella, so it stands up to stormy conditions, making it the most durable umbrella you've ever had!

UV Resistant
You can also use the Suprella in the sun! No harmful UV radiation can touch you under the Suprella!

The Suprella is coated with nanotechnology, so rain just rolls off and doesn’t absorb into the material.

German Company
Creative minds from Berlin are working on the design of the Suprella. German engineers are restless while optimizing every little detail of the product.

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