Thursday, October 13, 2016

This wooden Laptop Stand from Stood is easy to carry anywhere you go, light weight, eco-friendly and highly addictive.

It helps you to keep a more comfy and healthy position while working,
it protects your computer against liquid spills and generally helps against laptop overheating.

It comes with a useful silicon band (to secure it and move it around with ease) and 4 round laptop stickers for FREE.

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Made in Europe – respecting nature – with FSC certified European beech wood.


Works with all MacBook Models (starting from year 2000)

Works with all Laptops Models with a body thicker than 2cm.

How it works:

We make it using a CNC although most of the work is handmade by us (cleaning, sanding, plastering and hot stamping).
You simply mount it assembling the 2 wooden parts and secure the laptop stand by wrapping it using the silicon band.
It's great to avoid liquids spills on your desk, laptop overheating and generally helps its user by allowing him/her to do not have a curved back while working.
When not in use, the silicon band offers a simple, but efficient way to attach it to the surface of your closed laptop, to allow you to easily travel with it.
It's also quite light (233 grams) and once disassembled can be stored almost anywhere.

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